Xbox 360 Slim TV Spot Emerged

Watch the TV spot of Xbox 360 Slim.

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MaximusPrime2812d ago

you know, being a former xbox 360 owner, i must say that this new xbox 360 slim looks nice. I like it that they followed Sony by its colour, black.

Nice shape, nice air holes.

However, i have no desire to go back to Xbox 360, purely because i do not like MS collection of games and their online audience.

mittwaffen2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

Resell is crap, better off to keep it and save for your PS3.
Own both systems, for all games.

Console wars is like racial wars, will they ever end?

MaximusPrime2811d ago

i sold my xbox 360 a month before PS3 first launched. So i needed some money. i saved alot on PS3.

I dont regret selling xbox 360, purely because of lack of decent games.

Being a past owner of PS1 and PS2, i made a right decision to move onto PS3. Did i regret it? nope. 3 years later, i still love my PS3 console.

TheXgamerLive2811d ago

that's to bad, b/c EVERYONE knows the best games, the best online, the best messaging, the best movies, the best total gaming experience is ONLY on The Xbox 360.

$3.99 a month is a steal for the experience.

JUMP IN or Strangle yourself watching.

PS3 Supremacy2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Wrong, eh, wrong, wrong, wrong.

You are 1 for 5. And the online difference is marginal. And the best messaging? LOL is there more to messaging than being able to send text and files? Retard.

huzzaahh2811d ago

You're being sarcastic, right?

ThePlaystationFour2812d ago

To be honest.. it's sexy. But honestly, the new design isn't enough to convince me to purchase one. The games isn't nearly as amazingly phenomenal as the PS3.

R2D22812d ago

but can I ask you a fair question. Have you played Gears of War or Mass Effect (I know it on the PC)Fable II, Alan Wake? If so what did'nt you like about those games.

XxMajeSteRxX2811d ago

i have like 46 games on my 360 and 23 on my ps3,my ps3 is the slim version 120g,i'm all in love with the new 360 design, just like i was when the ps3 slim came out,so yes i'm difinitely gonna buy it, what can i say ? i love my 360 a litlle bit more now !

WhittO2811d ago

I have played Gears 1&2 but only watched Mass Effect, they are decent games but when compared to the likes of Uncharted or God Of War 3, there is really a big gap, not only in terms of graphics, but overall production values.
PS3 exclusives are just so much better than those on 360, whether that be because MS wont give them as much money, who knows.

huzzaahh2811d ago

I played (and I own) all of those games except for Alan Wake, and I can safely say that they aren't all that they're cracked up to be. They're great games, but definitely not worth getting a 360 for. That's why my brother owns the 360, and I own the PS3 (I own all the good 360 games though, since my brother is too young).