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DelbertGrady2954d ago

Looked amazing the way they used Kinect in that trailer. Mizuguchi is extremely creative.

deafwing2954d ago

My main question is: Why wasn't this in the press conference?

Chris3992954d ago

MS was making a big stink about "exclusive" software from a certain point in the show. Don't think they wanted to show something multi-plat for their flagship motion control device.

Game looks incredible regardless.

Briefcase Joe2954d ago

The PS Eye can't track hands? This is a question by the way.

xino2954d ago

You don't need controls for PS3, because it uses motion Camera, no need for MOVE.

Check out the Kung Fu action game

MAiKU2954d ago

The artistic beauty of this made me almost shed a tear...

Valay2954d ago

I really think this looks neat.

raztad2954d ago

I dont know how it controls but that looked to me very alike to Flow/Flower.

NoBias2952d ago

No, it's from the makers of Res. Which came way before Flower (I still love Flower though). Res HD is a complete rhythm/mind trip though. The music, visuals and how the game moves is absolutely amazing. You should definitely try it.

That and the game makes all of the controllers you own pulse to the music (If you want). Then you can put them underneath your pillows and cushions to use as a massage/vibrate type deal. Total trip. When I think of innovation, I think of games like these. Games that think WAYYYY outside the box.

nilamo2954d ago

Why didn't microsoft show this? It's better than most of the Kinect bs we saw.

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The story is too old to be commented.