E3 2010: Raiden Gets Fabulous in Metal Gear Solid Rising

He slices, he dices, but hopefully he does no naked cartwheels! Enjoy the vid, hot off the Microsoft press conference.

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T9X692773d ago

This game looks fun as hell, cant wait to play it myself.

GrieverSoul2773d ago

Looks pretty good! The cutting that is. The gameplay showed very little. Do we hack and cut everyone?! Is it a finishing move!? Is all there´s to it?! Do we platform in the game?! Are there puzzles to solve in order to move foward in the game?!

Looked good?! yes!!
Did it show much?! NO!!

Prcko2773d ago

WTB release DATE!!!!!

dirthurts2773d ago

Oh, wait...that's that other game.
Looks fun though. Love slashing up the environment.

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