E3 2010: Microsoft Press Conference Recap

"Microsoft's 2010 E3 Press Conference featured gameplay from highly anticipated exclusives such as Gears of War 3 and Halo Reach as well a Kinetic (new name for Project Natal) marathon. XBOX Live will receive a couple significant features that will extend the capabilities of the online network. Below is the full recap of what was announced during the conference. Be sure to let know what you think of Microsoft's conference in the comment section and what you feel Microsoft should have capitalized more on. Also, be sure to check out throughout the day for videos from the conference as well as other happenings from E3 2010."

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Nick2120042958d ago

I personally lost interest after the first 20 minutes because it seemed to turn into a Nintendo conference until the 360 slim was announced. I must say that the slim is sick though!

Lifendz2958d ago

when the tiger was licking the screen (never thought I'd write that in life) and a little girl was rolling on the floor laughing (nor did I think I'd ever write that).


ChozenWoan2958d ago

more like the whole ocean.

Imperator2958d ago

MS doesn't know what to do. They don't know if they should please the core crowd that's already there, or go for some of Nintendo's casual crowd. Unfortunately, they decided to go casual. MS is by far the worst of the 3.

raWfodog2958d ago

I was very unimpressed and I was hoping for more. I really thought that was a slick move giving away new 360's to the attendees...and not in a good way. It's like they knew they were lacking and had to 'bribe' the people in some way. Notice how they got the biggest applause after the giveaway...

Yeah, now go write some good reviews of our conference...

SOAD2958d ago

So if Sony gives stuff away it's because they are generous. If Microsoft gives stuff away it's because they're "bribing" people.

Where's the distinction?

raWfodog2957d ago

Who said Sony is 'generous' when they give away stuff? Certainly not me. I think any company giving away stuff to reviewers and industry insiders is bribing them. Why arent they giving away stuff to little betty sue or young johnny? Because Sue and Johnny arent going to write a review praising MS, thats why...

Darnokg2958d ago

I feel you. And M$ hasn't announced anything new software wise.

Nick2120042958d ago

I think adding ESPN to the XBOX Live service is HUGE, but they needed more announcements like that. They only announced one new exclusive that is not Kinetic-based.

mantisimo2958d ago

Don't you have a TV? Where were the games?

candystop2958d ago

Something must have happened because I could of sworn MS said or led us to believe there would be many games announced at E3.

Darnokg2958d ago

The thing is i don't watch any kind of sports, so I don't care about ESPN, Hulu on the other hand I was hoping for.....oh well. Maybe Sony will "bring it" this year .

killajd2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

What kind of e3 was this for Xbox360... I was let down wheres all the huge announcments. Ok so Xboxslim version is okay and all and I saw it coming when ps3 released theres. I was looking foward to the Kinetic or whatever they call it... I was dissapointed and all but oh well.

SOAD2958d ago

E3 is tomorrow, dude. This was a pre-E3 event.

Philaroni2958d ago

The ESPN and New Xbox where cool but I'm shocked at no new major games or even all the hulu rumors not coming true. MS I feel left the door wide open for Sony to take alot of the core market back.

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