E3 2010: Details on the New Xbox 360

IGN: The new, slimmer Xbox 360 will be available in stores this week. We've got the full details on all of the console's new features -- and the skinny on what happens to all your older Xbox stuff.

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N4GAddict2925d ago

Too bad I wasn't at the press conference. I would have got it for free.

Killzone3Helghast2925d ago

Is if I get it free...

Because my ps3 only does everything

southernbanana2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Guess my slim PS3 won't have to put up with that fat hog sitting next to it much longer... Seems it will have a smaller more attractive neighbor now! I really like what Microsoft has done with the 360's makeover.... Of course I wish Microsoft would buy me out like they did the gaming press. :-)

earbus2925d ago

Best looking console out but i wont buy a new one this gen is dated slowley moving back to pc.

ASSASSYN 36o2925d ago

I hope I can transfer my 120 gig to this new console via the transfer cable.

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