Xbox 360 Slim 250GB First Unboxing

Engadget unboxed their first 250GB Xbox 360 (the Xbox 360 'Slim' to the layman) and they've gotta tell you: it felt good. Stand by for more shots.

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DelbertGrady2683d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

It's much smaller than the original one.

@Timbaland101 - Sony didn't invent slim consoles. Get your head straight. I bet you don't think Sony copied:

Wii with Move
achievements with their trophies
Second Life with Home
Xbox Live with PSN Premium
Live Marketplace with PSN Store
The Xbox guide button with their PS button

Hell they even copied the in-game dashboard from the 360, though it took them some time to get it to work properly. Should I continue?

vhero2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

wow I like how you pointed out all that crap yet never mentioned anything MS have ever copied Soda your such a fanboy its unreal I mean you even mentioned PSN premium when there is no such thing right now to try and prove a point how low do you have to go?

Also No HDMI???? They removed the free HDMI cable..

Britney Spears2682d ago

M$ copied sony with eyetoy form 2002
M$ copied sony with dual analogs
M$ copied sony with built in rumble
M$ copied sony with singstar
M$ copied sony with Buzz
M$ copied nintendo with mii avatars

shall i go on?

Gawdl3y2682d ago

Rofloll. That last one isn't the slightest bit true.
Oh, and bet you didn't realize that Microsoft copied from Sony:
- Controller format (just Playstation's controller, except bulkier, with buttons shifted around slightly and renamed)
- Kinect from PS Eye/Eyetoy
- Backing-up data (except MS' version requires another $30+ purchase)
- Memory cards

But let's face it, both companies do some copying here and there. The problem that I have with Microsoft's copying is the fact that they copy hardware as well. (Controller, for example)
Did you know that every Xbox has a little piece of PlayStation in it? When the consoles were both still in development phases, Sony showed Microsoft a prototype chip of their creation, and allowed MS to use it. MS still uses it in every Xbox (still the old version of the chip, Sony went on to further improve it for the PS3), except maybe the slim ones coming soon.

MS is a software company, not hardware, so they copy hardware ideas many times.

Denethor_II2682d ago

You have to admit that M$ saw what Sony did and then immediately jumped on the band wagon.


Eye toy doesnt have body sensing, heat sensing technology. Eye toy is JUST A DAM CAMERA!!! Kinect has voice regonition,body sensing and its able to put it up in a GAme and you can interate with it. So M$ Is nowhere close to Eye Toy.

Megulito2682d ago

that the new xboxes are shiny

Elimin82682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

All companies copy. No disrespect to either party, SONY.MS or nintendo but they all do it. The problem is MS always take on the challenge of what others have built upon and claim it's theirs... I give credit to them for further enhancing tried and true products but they need to share credit.. Some of you guys make some valid points as far as who copied who, but I will not touch upon that for fear of creating a war and or getting a beat down via bubble rape or disagrees...

My 2cents...

skrug2682d ago

The PSP had a "Home" button, only natural that the PS3 has a PS(home) button.

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randomwiz2682d ago

Its better than nothing...
Positives: Built in WiFi "n", silent, cool.
Negatives: power brick isn't built in, disc drive isn't slot loading

In my opinion, the positives greatly outweigh the negatives. The positives are stuff that was really needed imo. The negatives are just stuff I would have liked it to have.


If I had the money I would buy another as my XBOX 360 is banned from Live. I like that they put an optical soun cable port in it. Overall it looks solid. If it would have cost $100 less, even with just an 120 HD I will definetely have bougth another. Why not? I have 2 PS3 a phat and a slim.



There is the evidence of the brick, image included, and people still disagree with you?


silvacrest2682d ago

at first i really thought it was gone

but there it is...

AAACE52682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

You do realize all of these companies copy off of eachother right?

But since you want to compare... Ps3 copied the center button from the xbox 360 controller. They tried to throw in motion sensing at the last minute because they felt the Ps3 controller was to boring and we had the six axis. PSN as of right now is pretty much the first build of XBL on 360 before the update. Only difference is PSN has free online. The PS Movi is basically a Wiimote.

I can do this all day pointing out who stole what from who, but it's pointless. I know your life begins and ends with the Playstation brand and you probably consider Sony to be God. But this is the games industry.... everyone copies a good idea!

The original Ps3 was a sexy beast! I actually bought one 3 days before the slim came out because I liked the look of it and the touch buttons. I keep thinking they came up with this design to get Ps3 owners to cross over, and get PC gamers to give the console a look. It does look like a hybrid of a 360, Ps3, Wii and Alienware PC.

MNicholas2682d ago

is because it's cheap.

Where's the slot drive?

Does it have wifi?

Are people who want more space still forced to buy over-priced Microsoft hard-drives?

From what's shown it's the same console but slightly smaller, cheaper and black.

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SonySoldiers2683d ago

now the question will be what HDMI v.?

jemarval2683d ago

- Touch sensitive buttons
- Shiny black
- Slim...

So, They're they trying to be a ps3??

BakedGoods2683d ago

I was thinking the same thing. Can't MS try something new?

Funny though, that Sony realized the glossy paint and touch-sensitive buttons weren't popular with PS3 owners and got rid of them with the slim. MS's re-design seems to be replicating early Sony's mistakes.

R2D22683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

I have a Fat PS3 and slim PS3 and I love the fat more. I dont think Sony got rid of the glossypaint and touch sensitive buttoms because they were not popular but because they needed to cut back in order to drop the price.

Daz2683d ago

same could be said for alot of things so dont strat that.

mrv3212683d ago

They are trying to be Nintendo... Kinect Sports?

Bubble Buddy2683d ago

Then they'll get some new guy to front their commercials named Devin Sutler. Still, the new xbox looks alright, but the missing features are finally in the console. Now if they only would make online free and get some new ip's I'd actually get one.

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basicsameh5142683d ago

well i can understand why the fanboys are angry..

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