Whole Week Of Steam E3 Deals Leaked

[email protected] - "In another bound-to-be-popular bid to out-hype competitors during the E3 week, PC-distribution channel Steam has teamed up with Electronic Arts - whose conference, incidentally, is due to start in less than half an hour - to bring a week of bargains to the Steam platform."

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kidnplay2898d ago

Oooh, savings. I like savings.

pangitkqb2898d ago

Gotta love Steam. They always manage to get some deals out there. Cool they went with EA games this round. The Bethesda round was great last week.

Mista T2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

maybe Valve will be at the e3 EA conference, just a guess

huzzaahh2898d ago

They aren't going to show at all, I think. They missed the EA conference.

sombrero2898d ago

Oooh, nice. I still need to pick up B:BC2 and Dragon Age

Allowen2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

I love Steam !!

The other day I bought Oblivion GoTYE with extras for $8 and Fallout3 GoTY edition for $25 !

I will wait for sunday to see if that Dragon Age 's expansion will drop from $40 to $20 ) If that happens I am buying it .

Kush2898d ago

Some good deals will be had I'm sure, but I'm really only interested in Dragon Age and possibly Spore (if super cheap). I hope we see other publisher sales too.

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