Stunning Xbox 360 Slim Artworks

A lot of Xbox 360 Slim artworks released.

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Somnipotent2813d ago

still undecided.

[x] tray loading cd
[x] power brick
[x] proprietary hard drive
[x] dvd-rom

okay, yeah, nevermind. same box, just shinier and has 802.11n.

koh2813d ago

Silent at least... ehh

Strikepackage Bravo2813d ago

personally I could not care less about dvd-rom, (still dont see how bluray has helped PS3 games)power brick, or proprietary HDD, (its 250 gigs, i wont need to upgrade) and the tray loading is actually more reliable, those slot load drives break all the time, and your games get stuck in them when the PS3 blue ligts. So this slim60 is a must buy for me, and i think there will be a lot of folks like me, most people just want to play games, not die inside for some faceless Japanese giant corporation.

Treyb3yond2813d ago

You don't think a game is helped by having much more space on the disc??

You don't think there is anything to be gained by not having compressed textures, and even then on 3 discs?

Wow! I thought people with your opinion died out in 2008....

As for the 360 slims "built in wi fi" welcome to 2006 Microsoft.

JoySticksFTW2813d ago

Not trying to be a jerk; just trying to understand where you are coming from...

Do you own a PS3 and came to the conclusion that Blu-ray does not help games?

I ask because I usually only hear that opinion from gamers that don't own a PS3.

I own both 360 and PS3. It gives great perspective as to which games benefit from Blu-ray. I won't say all of them do, as it's up to the developer to take advantage of it.

But when the devs exploit blu-ray, games like MGS4 and Uncharted 2 happen.

And before you say I'm a fanboy, I've said that ME2 is in a dogfight with GoWIII as my GotY so far. I just recognize each system's benefits

Strikepackage Bravo2812d ago

this is going to stop your heart but, I think 360 could do Uncharted and the like just fine with DVD9, Its not bluray that made those games great, it was the massive budgets and awesome teams of developers that did that.

Bluray has yet to do anything for gaming, not saying it wont happen, it just has not yet. With the exception of the rare Japanese game that has hours of cut scenes and unneeded time wasting fluff, games still do fine on DVD, more than one DVD maybe, but DVD still gets the job done fine.

JoySticksFTW2812d ago

"I think 360 could do Uncharted and the like just fine with DVD9"

No heart stopping here. I kind of figured that you didn't have a PS3 to see what a lot of PS3 gamers already know.

Let me try to explain

First, you are right that blu-ray helps immensely with cut scenes -- which can help with the immersion into the game world. You may not like cut scenes, but many gamers do. They don't have to be the 20 minute epics of MGS; but enough spread through out the game for character development and to tell an amazing story, ON TOP OFF already amazing gameplay and non-repeating game locations. I personally love great story elements in my games.

That's the difference between inFamous and Crackdown for me. CD is a fun game, but the agent is generic. Have you heard how everyone's been b!tching about changing up inFamous' Cole? That's the power of adding story and character development to fun games; greater immersion.

Blu-ray also helps with level design. I'm assuming you have a 360. Have you noticed in ME1 that all of the enemy strongholds in the side missions have the same two or three building layouts? That's what I mean by repeatable game locations.

In ME2, they actually cut the number of side missions available on the two disks. Maybe for space restrictions; maybe to limit the number of disk switches needed, as the gamer already had to switch to disk 2, and then back to disk 1 to finish the main quest.

How about in ME2 and Gears2 -- two detailed, graphically superior games -- when you traverse a level and you turn around every so often to see that the way behind you is conveniently blocked off.

Some PS3 games take advantage of blu-ray's space combined with the ability to continuously stream from the disk to produce expansive worlds that you can go right through to the very end, and then run right back to the very beginning on the level -- while keeping up great detail and graphics.

Then you have the whole "Rage" drama with the developer acting out. I'm sure you heard it. Rage's expansive worlds cut short and segmented specifically because of 360 disk space.

And then there's the FFXIII -- "enough cut from the game to make a whole other game", no towns, SE struggling to get the game to fit onto 3 disks -- conspiracy. But you can google that, though I'm sure you've heard all of it too.

There's more, but you seem set in your dvd beliefs. It's great for most of the games out there right now. Stay happy with it. But if you have the cash, try to get a PS3 also so you can enjoy the best exclusives from both systems. I don't think you'll regret it

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Masta Kaos2813d ago

Ahhhhhhhhhh well......still won't buy it, PS3 is the way.

ambientFLIER2812d ago

Good for you? Thanks for sharing?

xer02813d ago

lol - it looks like a DELL PC!

You must have very low standards Ed.

NY_State2813d ago

it does look like a Dull. haha

pippoppow2813d ago

As a conscientious consumer MS can shove it. They take the cheap route and have proprietary equipment. Took them long enough for a redesign. 5 years later but then some gamer fanatics would die for a faceless US Corporation.

As for Blu-ray you get HD sound and room for better texture quality and higher res movie playback (FF13). Lets be honest Blu-ray>DVD. Sure most Devs have chosen parity, making games with the lowest common denominator(360) in mind but the differences cannot be denied when it comes to 1st party vs 3rd party.

MS is pathetic. They feed off the ignorance of the masses and give back very little. People say competition is good but only when you have good competitors. Would love for some other Japanese company to make a new console or even the return of Sega instead of MS and their head-shaking business tactics. MS' way of doing business does not help the gaming industry but it sure does line their own pocket.