Microsoft E3 2010: Will They Win Top Place?

E3 has now arrived for Microsoft, as they were first up, it was visually refreshingly attractive and definitely a nice warm start to this year's E3.
Do many of us wonder whether they have kept their place safe in the vote ..?
I know I am...

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phantomexe2932d ago

> > LMAO go project poncho

qface642932d ago

no even allot of the gaming media is going on about how lame it was so how they can is beyond me

Shadow Flare2932d ago

Kevin Butler would literally just need to walk on stage, say "pew pew pew" and walk off and sony would win e3. I think Sony made a smart move leaking the big games early. Theyve already won e3. Yet i have strong feeling theyre still gonna show some really awesome stuff. You know....actual GAMES

Anarki2932d ago

It wont take a free 360 to trick people into saying good things about it..

blumatt2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Sony's gonna show The Last Guardian, GT5, Agent (by Rockstar) , Versus 13, Socom 4, LBP2, some Move games, etc. How can that now top the crap MS just showed us. I wathced it on Spike TV. It just didn't impress me and I was laughing my ass off at the little girl petting the pet tiger. That shit was embarrassing.

animboo2932d ago

were they smoking something during the presentation that made it way way way and i mean waaaaay better.
Can i have some?

AtatakaiSamurai2932d ago

'looks at title' .... LMMFAO!!!

Articles today are pure comedy lol

rebirthofcaos2932d ago

NO !!! that conference was bad beyond words

Digital-_-Smoke2932d ago


MaximusPrime2932d ago

what about Nintendo or Sony? they havent started their E3 Conference yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.