Xbox 360 Transforms the Way Everyone Has Fun

PR NewsWire: Microsoft surprises and delights with Kinect, blockbuster games, exclusive ESPN deal, new ways to enjoy movies and music, and a sleek new Xbox 360.

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movements2873d ago

It tries to my friend, it tries to.

harrisk9542873d ago

How is this approved??? It is a PRESS RELEASE from MICROSOFT!!

At the bottom of the press release:

SOURCE Microsoft Corp.
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Codeman4202873d ago

i wouldnt say everyone there console is turning into a 90% casual 10 hardcore least that wat i got from the past 2 E3 press conferences now.

Simon_Brezhnev2873d ago

if you buy Kinect for $150 just so you can watch tv shows/movies without a remote you are truly dumb.

nygamer282873d ago

i will cause im rich biatch!!!!

Simon_Brezhnev2873d ago

got damn nygamer stop stalking me

vhero2873d ago

Agreed its madness price it will fail at that price point.

Anarki2873d ago


Your avatar is genious!

sinclaircrown2873d ago

I saw a unviersal remote control at best buy last week that costs $199.

I love to hate this website. So many childish comments on here its unreal.

People will buy Kinect, and I'm sure most of them will be casuals and guess what? They will enjoy it for what it is. Something most morons on here can't seem to understand. Playing games for what they are!

boodybandit2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

The problem MS is going to have with this unit is it's price point. It is already listed on a couple sites for $149 without a 360 unit. Which means there might be bundles at around $299. Do you really think people are going to storm to Kinect when it's so similar to what the Wii does, and the Wii already has a HUGE established library of games, for a higher price?

Triella2873d ago

Why buy Kinect when some Toshiba TV's already use motion control interface

SOAD2873d ago

It's as dumb as paying 3500 dollars to watch a couple of films in 3D.

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Gobuz2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

What i don't understand with this Kinect thing is, what if your watching tv on or a video and you want to reach for a beer or go toilet or pick your nose or scratch your head or sneeze or speak to your family or answer the phone or whatever.

Do i have to sit there like a vegetable for fear of activating something by mistake? Can i watch a movie in the dark?

ad4mb2873d ago

lmao pause to scratch your head.... :-)

nycredude2873d ago

What happens if you want to rub one out?

sinclaircrown2873d ago

Its activated when you say "xbox" followed by the command you need.

Gobuz2873d ago

I can just see it now:

Family sitting down to watch a movie.

Dad "Nobody fkin move!"

Son "Dad i need a wee"

Dad "Hold it"

Gobuz2873d ago

Do i really want to shout at my Console when all i want to do is press play/pause etc. It's like my voice recognition on my phone, i used it for 5 minutes and i haven't used it since.

SOAD2873d ago

You sound like one of those infomercials that make it seem like slicing a tomato is the hardest thing in the world. Why do you assume that you have to shout at the television? Don't you think you're being a little melodramatic for the sake of spreading FUD about Kinect?

BumpFrankie2873d ago

Microsoft let every hardcore gamer down today. Every. Single. One. They arent transforming shit, onlying copying casual peices of trash and aiming for a totally new market. Here's to my leap to Apple and Sony. FUCK YOU MICROSOFT

atticus142873d ago

hmm your mad over casual yet promoting Apple?

Somnipotent2873d ago

they must have gotten a free 360 too.

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