Crackdown 2 demo coming next week

Microsoft has announced that a playable demo of Crackdown 2 will be released globally on Xbox Live on June 21st.

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knight6262955d ago

i guess to makeup on the dissappointed conference

Al Bundy2955d ago

No, they gave away free Xboxes for that.

DelbertGrady2955d ago

Great news! Will probably be multiplayer.

Mcardle2955d ago

and they didn't mention this because of......a tiger?

Kahvipannu2955d ago

And I also think it's a bit weird that they didn't announce anything from Rare... But anyways, great that we get demo, had tons of fun with the first ones back then.

MGRogue20172955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

... Cool, They are giving us something then.. We deserve it for watching & viewing all of their cool stuff they've shown at E3 :)

labaronx2955d ago

of an 360 exclusive, which releases in about 3-4 weeks they dropped the ball with this one.... i wonder if its gonna have commercials