40° : Microsoft Disappoints at E3 2010. Pics, Videos and Thoughts. writes "What we expected really, the Halo, Gears 3 and Metal Gear demos look very promising. The Kinect took up a lot of time and while it does look good it really needs games behind it yes its cool to use your hand to change a song but to tell the truth I don’t really mind using a remote. The new Xbox360 slim was a big announcement but one we had been expecting. All in all a quite enough showing from Microsoft limited to just 3 big game releases and a hand full of third party games as this show was over shadowed by the Kinect."

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dangert122807d ago

i fell out love with nintendo this gen
now i'll be getting the wii asap and 3ds
and i love my ps3 more then the 360
and last mnth i did't think the ps3 had anything on the xbox but graphics
the sad truth now im spending time on expriences i have missed and can't wait for the new stuff

MorganX2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

I'm generally disappointed with both so far.

I'm not interested in Move or Kinect. 3D has limited appeal, I can see Wipeout HD, but so far not much else, maybe Geometry Wars which PS3 doesn't have and I don't like Stardust.

I'm more impressed with the new Xbox including wireless-N. That's the most meaningful announcement so far for me. I'd like to see a PS3 model with wireless-N and upgrades to the PSN.

I'd also like to see the storage of BD exploited more as well.

I think MS Kinect will take more Wii customers than Move. Other than that and the new Xbox, nothing much from either platform, yet.

Aquacure2807d ago

Don't get me wrong, Kinect and it's abilities sound nice but until you can control games with more going on than just driving and sports the Kinect will be a wow-for-a-week device. Now, I understand that it and Move are going after the Wii demographic, but the PS3 and yes, even 360 are seeking to grab an audience that they should let Nintendo handle. I'd like for their focus to stay on creating games for the gamers who have been at this a while. It just seems like by creating these devices both companies are showing wounds. The Wii has it's following because content conscious parents (who were gamers themselves in some cases) KNOWS that Nin is a safe bet for kid friendly games. It's the starter console. My first one was NES as was a lot of my cousins and friends. Now they have gotten kids themselves and bought Gamecubes and Wiis for them. The other two are not only higher in tech but their library of games are testaments to this as well (i.e. no shovelware) I still like my buttons, directional pad and analog sticks.

MorganX2807d ago

I think all motion control will be a flash in the pan for quite some time. I think Wii saw it great success based mainly on price.

Dance2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

too much motion control