Thoughts on Microsoft's E3 Conference (Baxy-Z)

Baxy-Z have shared their thoughts on Microsoft's E3 2010 conference. They discuss the introduction of Kinect, Gears of War 3 and the show in general.

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knight6262869d ago

i think the only part i got excited was the metal gear solid gameplay video

dachiefsman2869d ago

i am a fan (not boy) of xbox and this press conference was sh**.

Anarki2869d ago

The only things that impressed me here was CoD black ops, MGS rising and the new 360. Everything else was terrible..

You could tell most of the presentations where pre rendered...

dachiefsman2869d ago

even if the would have presented a ff7 remake you wouldn't have been why even post?

bjornbear2869d ago

and dachiefsman - not true

if MS had shown something absolutely new and amazing, i would have contemplated it (like when they showed Gears in 2005 E3 ( ?)

Microsoft Xbox 3602869d ago

Agreed. MGSR actually caught my attention. Looks like they reused assets from MGS4 though. You can clearly see the same car and the area looks like Act 1.

vhero2869d ago

Quote of the article
"I was also excited by the new Xbox announcement. I will get one for sure. I think it looks really slick, and the built-in Wi-Fi is a nice addition. At the same time, I have the feeling of "Sony did all this four years ago.""

Brewski0072869d ago

I honestly can say ive never watched any of the e3 conferances live before. I dunno i just used to read the live updates. But for me, what i was seeing was a terribly presented and quite frankly boring in places mess. Halo, gears, mgs and forza. . . All ok , grand. . . but the kinect segment went on far too long with generic games and non-dazzling features and it dragged the rest of the show down with it if im honest, I just cant understand how anyone could say it was a huge success.

The sony conferance should be interesting tomorrow as its sure to have a degree of shock and awe and also its going to have the same show and tell aspect with the move as microsoft also had, but how they handle this is going to sum up how well they perform overall. The balls in their court now.

AAACE52869d ago

People spent so much time trying to hate on everything at the show it's pitiful!

Did anyone even appreciate the fact that ESPN will stream all of their content to gold members at no extra charge? If you like a team but their game isn't showing in your area, you will now be able to see it! Also, this could open up more opportunities to get content!

No that's right, it's just more fun to hate on other stuff!

cervantes992869d ago

Although ESPN is a nice addition to the console, I bought my Xbox for GAMES not ESPN.

NY_State2869d ago

Who fucking cares about ESPN. I but a console to play games! What do you have to show for it? Halo(old and tired) GOW3(old and tired) and a former PS3 exclusive dev Metal Gear. lol!

MS has to be the worst game developer the industry has ever seen. No thanks MS I'll stick with Sony/PS3 proudly!

huzzaahh2868d ago

Umm... It's ESPN *MINUS* NFL. Therefore, not even worth it.

TradingWarStories2869d ago

kevin butler to cheer me up from this crappy shit motion control crap or atleast some games which dont have movimals or move sports or whatever crap I want HARDCORE games not casual pieces of SH*t which I will get bored of.

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B-Real2062869d ago

It was a pretty boring presentation COD timed exclusive DLC, Gears, Halo, Fable, Kinetic the only part I really liked was the addition of espn. Other then that this was probably the worst showing of microsoft that I've ever seen.

After last night I should have saw it coming. Next Year now on to Nintendo and Sony. All you guys have to do is show up and show some fun games and you could easily "win" E3.

hoops2869d ago

Gears and Halo was the only highlights. All else was shockingly poor.

Optical_Matrix2869d ago

Microsoft doesn't seem to get it. We don't want to see multiplats nor do we want to see timed DLC announcements and Wii rip offs. We want to see and MORE GAMES. They under delivered on an unprecedented scale today. Sony has announced more games before E3 than MS had in their own CONFERENCE. That says a lot to me tbh. So much for "big surprises"

ForROME2869d ago

I disagree, I think SONY has just now begun to get it, they were so behind on the online market place, they are still 1 or so yrs behind in how to deliver content.

However I do agree on First Party Games, I loooooove UC2 but Gears and Halo esp if your shooter fan are my cup of tea, not just because they are great but because the life of them is extended through great multiplayer which bring me back to ONLINE arena which I think MS still owns

Silver3602869d ago

MS wants to sell consoles and looking over at Nintendo they see that casual games work. Nintendo launched a year after 360 and passed them by 33 million. how do you argue with 33million more consoles sold. You must remember this is about money to them, just like Sony and Nintendo. It may be your passion, but in the end a console manufacturer cares about profits first.

hoops2869d ago

That is EXACTLY what MS did. They saw Wii money and how they got it and like MS because its all about shareholders, went in that direction. Make no mistake. Natal will sell huge and most likely will push Xbox360 sales forward, however for us real gamers, what MS is doing is crap.

Silver3602869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Last generation the xbox was a failure. Sure they got some market share, but 24 million compared to 140 million plus for PlayStation is ridiculous. How do they justify buying or creating more studios when they just started making a profit. Sony did not gain all their studios overnight. They have had two successful generation to finance new studios. It would be nice to see MS have more studios and games, but how is that going to done when we have some people calling for the closing of the gaming division altogether to raise the stock prices. Sony can goto it shareholders and say we made billions by doing this, MS can't.

webeblazing2869d ago

they do get it xbox fans never complain they want more games and when somebody point this out they go off subject or call you a fanboi. why should ms put money in new ip when they get over on us by doing nothing this didnt jus now started what happen last e3 multiplats and a few games you knew about b4 e3. people talk like they didnt see this

Greysturm2869d ago

But havent you noticed certain ardent defenders of something missing in action, its like they all went cave exploring or something. I guess there isnt a better tell on the quality of the conference.

Pennywise2869d ago

They might still be mourning the MS of the past. Give them a few days...

I have money on them coming back Sony reformists. :P

WMW2869d ago

after weeks of saying wait for E3 they have something big to counter all of sony's announcements just to have it blow up in their face like always we won't be seeing the 360 fanboys for awhile.

andron6662869d ago

You might be right there, not many bright spots to cling onto. I'm cheering myself up with the EA conference. Maybe they will show some real games...

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