The Sims 3 gameplay trailer

First gameplay trailer of The Sims 3 for consoles.

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sixaxis2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

EA conference starts soon, definitely they`r gonna show live demo about it running on consoles.

Valay2958d ago

It'll definitely be at their conference.

vhero2957d ago

Why they stick wii and DS at the end of the trailer?? It's not gonna have half the features on those 2 consoles.

Aphe2957d ago

I'll answer your stupid question vhero. Because it's coming to Wii and DS, regardless of features. It's not rocket science is it?

T9X692957d ago

Sims games where always fun to play I just hope its not a complete fail and strip all the good stuff.

Hideo_Kojima2957d ago

It seems to add even more features than in the PC version :D

I have the PC version and you can't do a lot of that stuff.

naggynerd2957d ago

Don't really know if I'd call this a gameplay trailer. There is no actual gameplay footage. You have no idea of how the game plays from watching this trailer. I would call it a TRAILER, not a GAMEPLAY TRAILER.

Bah! Kids.

Brewski0072957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

I agree, didnt see much more than an intriguing trailer. Concepts looked good however just wouldve liked to see gameplay

Aphe2957d ago

The Sims has always bored me to tears, well actually it's a laugh for a little while and then it starts to bore me. Obviously people enjoy it though because it sells loads.

The sadist in me enjoys putting a sim in a closed off room with no toilet and leaving them there. Poor little sim :(

Coolmanrico2957d ago

Lol, you call that sadistic. Add a fire place and a couple of rugs and then you got sadistic.

Hideo_Kojima2957d ago

If you find Sims boring its your imaginations fault.

Like other create games they are as interesting as you make them.

Aphe2957d ago

Actually Guntrol I just don't find it interesting, personally. It's nothing to do with my imagination, I'm just not too keen on it.

I can see the attraction for others, but it's not something for me.

Dee_912957d ago

I just like to build houses
i dont really like the ' Living Life Part of the game"
But i find my self playing it for hours lol
i hope its not too watered down like the previous console sims