GameSpot: Your Shape: Fitness Evolved Impressions

GameSpot writes: "Let's face it. Most of us have probably tried a fitness game at some point or another and your Wii Balance Board or resistance bands are likely sitting in a drawer somewhere or left neglected in a corner collecting dust. In theory, combining video games and fitness is a great way to get the blood flowing and encourage people to be a little more active than a couch potato. However, the games eventually become repetitive, and you start to lose interest in your fitness routine faster than you can get the game out of the box".

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vhero2779d ago

This will sell million if Kinect does well and captures the right audience however the fact you cannot weigh yourself will put some people off as the point of fitness stuff like this is weighing yourself afterwards. Sure you could use actual scales but lets be fair here its better when the scales are part of the game.