GameSpot: Metal Gear Solid: Rising Impressions

GameSpot writes: "You always know something exciting is about to happen when Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima takes the stage. He did so to great applause at Microsoft’s 2010 E3 press conference, but he unfortunately didn’t spend much time in front of the audience. He did, however, state that what he was there to show was something new and unique. Kojima also mentioned that just as Metal Gear hero Snake passed the torch to the androgynous Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 2, Kojima would now defer to Metal Gear Solid: Rising producer Shigenobu Matsuyama. And with that, Matsuyama took the stage and introduced an intriguing new trailer for Metal Gear Solid: Rising, the upcoming action game featuring a part-cyborg Raiden slicing up some of the freakiest automatons you’ve seen this side of those mooing gekkos from Metal Gear Solid 4".

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2953d ago
darkdoom30002953d ago

Why do I have the feeling that you aren't gonna get to go through the game without killing anyone:/

Hideo_Kojima2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

You won't :P But who knows maybe you can cut up some salad and cook them a meal to distract the guards.

MGS Rising could have a bit of stealth (like walking or rooftops and taking enemies down one at the time by cutting their heads of so they can't scream) but not as much as MGS4.

That was the sweet thing about MGS4. I took over 30 minutes to pass through a level without being seen but then when I replayed the game and I was better at the shooting I shot everyone and passed through in 5 minutes I loved how both tactics worked so well and they were both really fun.

hay2953d ago

I love the trailer. I kinda wanted more sneaking with Raiden(I really liked him in MGS2) but I'm really impressed by the trailer.

Love the slicing part ; p looks fun.

SaberEdge2953d ago

Yeah, the trailer was great. I was surprised to see that the graphics are better than MGS4. It's going to be awesome.

Eamon2953d ago

Yeah, I think Stealth can be a part of the gameplay.

Just different from the usual MGS stealth.

And if they make the health system realistic like MGS4, Raiden could get killed by a couple of gunshots from enemies.

So the tactics for taking down enemies will be different to usual.

BTW, when Raiden took out the electic spine thingy, did he suck out its energy before he squished it? Maybe, you need to recharge your health often?

ThanatosDMC2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Well, it doesnt have that "Stealth, Espionage something" subtitle but "Lightning fast action something" instead.

So if they implement the Move with this, we can cut people up with precision? Reminds me of that Wii game... I better be able to make circles in peoples body and that the pieces and blood and gore will stay on the ground so i can play with them later. I dont want those corpses i made to disappear.

Also, i wonder how healing would be in this game since we saw that Raiden needs blood transfusion to heal/live in MGS4. There's no way Rations or food would work on his cyborg body now, would it? But he did fight another cyborg/robot in that CG cutscene (YES it was CGI)... maybe he'll get the white blood from them???

karl2953d ago

is suppose to be a ninja right? not so much

Trroy2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

I was actually really turned off to the game by this presentation. Its not Metal Gear anymore, in my book. Its some sorta Ninja Gaiden game with a Metal Gear theme now.

I like Ninja Gaiden (and Metal Gear Solid) alot... but this looked.. wrong. Its neither NG or MGS, and its kinda failed to inspire me to want to buy it.

Hideo_Kojima2953d ago

Yep it did seem to me like a Ninja Gaiden game... but I was expecting that since that is Raidens style really.

If anything there shouldn't have been a Raiden game at all.

Cold 20002953d ago

That actually isnt all that bad...just imagine a ninja gaiden kind of game set in the MGS world...would be fantastic.

Hideo_Kojima2953d ago

But we want more MGS :(

I wish there would be an MGS5 because I jumped into MGS at number 4 and only just got into it.

Raf1k12953d ago

If you want MGS5 get Peace Walker. It's a great game with more content than you could slice with Raiden's sword.

ThanatosDMC2953d ago

MGS5 is on the PSP and it's called Peace Walker. It's something you should play especially if you loved MGS3.

Big Boss FTW!

darkdoom30002953d ago

Yeah- It doesnt feel like MGS.

It's actually better if you think of it as a spinoff- they're not trying to make MGS5/6

Blaze9292953d ago

isn't that what they said it would be from day 1? People need to stop bitching and realize this is a new producer, new team and new direction for the MGS series. I mean FFS it's even in the damn title: "Lightning Bolt Action"

Me personally, I thought it freakin rocked. I can't wait to play that game. Day 1 for sure

sombrero2953d ago

Exactly... it says it's an action game in the title. I can't believe people were surprised they didn't show stealth. It was exactly what I was expecting.

ballsofsteel2953d ago

to be fair they did say this wasn't going to be traditional MGS. i'm sure there will still be stealth based MGS's in the future

Trroy2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

I knew this game wasn't going to be MGS5, but I'm trying to say that this presentation of it made it feel like a NG clone with a MGS skin -- not really deserving of the MGS name at all, except for the character usage.

A hybrid between the two would be more interesting -- the entire MGS *series* is stealth based, and this game *does* have the MGS name. I'd assume there would be some serious stealth with the ninja action -- but they didn't show any such thing, really. Just slicing.. and frankly the super sharp laser slices were kind of silly... I'm gonna get tired of that pretty quick.

Who knows, maybe the combat will be utterly compelling. This presentation just didn't do it for me, is all. Either it gave me the wrong message, or the game actually isn't for me... and that's saying something, since I own every Ninja Gaiden and God of War clone in existance, I think -- and I enjoyed most all of them too... yeah even Golden Axe: BR, Conan, and the Argonauts game.

ThanatosDMC2953d ago

Yup, they should take out the Solid name... heck, maybe even "Metal Gear" unless for some random reason we'll see Raiden fight a Metal Gear that has nuke capabilities but i highly doubt it.

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Jdash242953d ago

It gave me a craving for watermelon

scar202953d ago

MGS is about guns not slicing people in half with swords this mgs is not gonna do well

danielle0072953d ago

Not about the guns, necessarily, but I think taking the MGS universe in another direction could do really well, especially if the whole game is that stylish. We haven't heard a single thing about the story or .. really any of it, other than HEY, GUYS, IT'S RAIDEN. HE CAN SLICE, LOOKIE. So, really, if it's done really well, I think this could do really well.

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