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DoomeDx2720d ago

Ah man..not another translated german site..

Somnipotent2720d ago

i hear the germans make good stuff. especially videos.

DoomeDx2720d ago


Translated sites are annoying.

''Hello this xbox 360 good is for gaming casual. kinetic stupid is.''
terrible grammer FTW

Gamerbee2719d ago Show
LetsTorque2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

sorry.... whose been waiting for what now?
Typical Microsoft with their personal pronouns and what-not.

BTW anyone know wtf is that hard drive? Microsoft HDD or not?

AliTheBrit192720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Only thing that interests me about this is "whisper quiet"

Other than that, I hate that glossy material (same with PS3) and whats with the weird bent over kind of design?

I already HAVE a 250GB HDD, and I already have Wi-Fi, And to be honest I dont think the design looks that great, the only thing that this new SKU can offer is more reliable hardware and of course a quieter console, any word yet on which motherboard this SKU uses?

showtimefolks2720d ago

quite is always better i will now buy one but i will waite a few weeks just to make sure it doens't have any issues

i was hoping for a price drop but i guess when they will release natal i think that's when we will see a price drop

Mr Marbles2720d ago

that thing is beautiful, very tasteful design, sleak and sophisticated, worthy of my ennertainment center.

Shadow Flare2720d ago

mr marbles, whats your opinion on kinect?

Mr Marbles2719d ago

no go for hardcore gamers.

itswar2720d ago

watched the e3 live and when they showed that sexy new xbox i got goosepimples. i love microsoft. love xbox xxxx

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The story is too old to be commented.