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MaximusPrime2926d ago

standing up during the game is going to be tiring. not my cup of tea

RedDragan2926d ago

I'd imagine you could do this sitting down.

SillySundae2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

But because my arms' weight is partly supported by the steering wheel.

As much as I love MS, I'm beginning to question their credibility now.


AtatakaiSamurai2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Doesn't mention anything about how to accelerate or brake but hey "you can turn your head into the corner" lol

Fantastic hand work at the end of the race there. Actor's hand goes straight then wheel follows like 2s later.

Good luck doing a 10minute race (don't even mention 3hr long endurance races) holding your arms out. Is this supposed to be entertainment or punishment?

Minimox162926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Why the Video of forza 3 kinect, was remove from Gametrailers??

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MaximusPrime2926d ago

yea still tiring waving your arms about.

nygamer282926d ago

its a driving game..why would you wave your arms idiot

poindat2926d ago

...Is to feel like you are racing. To feel the bumps on the road, the weight of the car, the handling, everything. How are you supposed to get that same experience if there is nothing to hold, nothing to feel? It's just not right.

HOWEVER, I was very impressed by the "car show" demo. One of the big reasons I play games such as GT and Forza is to collect cars, and I've always wanted a way to explore the cars with that amount of detail. Now the only problem is whether the finished product will be anything like that or not... I'm not entirely confident at the moment.

morkendo2926d ago Show
Serjikal_Strike2926d ago

how did he accelerate or brake?

driving while standing ?really?
and one more thing....he didnt walk around like it shows in the video...all he did was bob his head back and forth...lmao

KingME2926d ago

By moving his foot back or forward. You know, I thought it was pretty cool. I have also noticed when people want to hate on something, they will ALWAYS be able to find something negative about anything. I mean after all, that's a haters job.

The Wood2926d ago

between hating and being skeptical. They faked a lot of the show so why wouldnt people say something. Heck even 360 only fans are asking questions and kudos to them. If it was sony or nintendo faking it people would say something too..Heck people were hating on blu ray and there was nothing to be skeptical was just a bigger media to help usher us into the hd era of games and movies so your logic applies to that more convincingly

KingME2926d ago

But, common now you know I'm not talking about everyone that ask questions about the technology. You can tell the ones that are curious versus those that are just being d!ckheads about it.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

¿They will develop a new Forza or will be implemented for Forza 3?

Kingdom Come2926d ago

I've heard that this was to show that current games can be updated to utilize Kinetic so I would suppose the latter...

PRHB HYBRiiD2926d ago

in the video it says 2011 i think this a new forza

Kush2926d ago

Yes to head tracking.
No to everything else.

DelbertGrady2926d ago

Because GT5 can't give you both like Forza?

SillySundae2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Very close to buying a PS3.

I hope MOVE have control scheme where I could bring my hands down.

I can't hold my arms up that long.
They're flubby too. LOL

Kleptic2926d ago

GT5 gives full support, including clutch (despite being irrelevant in a F458), for a GT25/27 logi wheel...Forza doesn't...

so now you can hold a fake wheel and play Forza?...awesome...I am sure that will be a massive hit with racing fans...

head tracking is cool, but seriously...are you guys going to go nuts now about 'pretending' to drive a car with no controller whatsoever?...I thought the 360 had the best controller in history...including the best for racing games because 'teh triggArZ R GAZZ PEWDALLSZZ'...

kinect 'will' work for certain types of gameplay...and i'm not saying move will be any better for a racing game...but moving your hands and feet around to simulate a wheel and pedals...all while physically touching to me the definition of 'missing the point'...

Tone2926d ago

I Agree.. head tracking while using a pad or a wheel would be pretty good i imagine.

AtatakaiSamurai2926d ago

That was FAKE head tracking. It was all a damned act. can't you guys see that? Ok, I'm so wrong, that's why MS has natal on the floor of E3 for all to test out the head tracking. :/

frameflip2926d ago are you supposed to accelerate/brake?

PRHB HYBRiiD2926d ago

accelerate right foot forward brake...idk lol

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