Xbox 360 Slim: new HDD unveiled

Just after the Microsoft press conference, Aaron Greenberg has shown the new Xbox 360 "slim" and demonstrated the new detachable HDD system that will be used in future Xboxes. Cynamite has uploaded new pictures of the detachment process and the back of the new Xbox 360, where the HDD slides into a built-in slot of the new slim version.

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dangert122813d ago

what i wonna know is are the 3rd party capable or ms only hhd like the original 360's

HolyOrangeCows2813d ago

They better not have remained proprietary....

cyborg69712813d ago Show
Sunny_D2813d ago

That's because if you want to upgrade, you have to buy an overpriced MS HDD.

lh_swe2812d ago

I know these people are mindless fanboys but I will not let you stand here and try to justify MS ridiculous pricing of HDD's for the 360.

I mean I usually respect your opinion but that was just a pathetic new low for you, seriously!

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vhero2813d ago

Yep it sucks for existing people if you wanna transfer your saves add a transfer kit to your cost. Also this mean you can kiss goodbye to a cheap arcade replacement too you gotta now pay for repairs once it dies or buy a full priced premium console.

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ArcFatalix2813d ago

and i have like 50 psn games, why do you spread lies soda?

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DSco42813d ago

This looks like it's only gonna fit into the xbox 360, since it looks like a custom build.

AliTheBrit192813d ago

So its a different HDD from the ones currently used?

That will suck, for people upgrading.

Raptura2813d ago


Colonel-Killzone2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Ok Seems its 300 dollars for that one. The current elite is 250 dollars and the pro is 150. Least thats what Im hearing is this true ?

randomwiz2813d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

Correct me if im wrong, but its $200 for Arcade, $250 for elite, $300 for the new one. $150 for Kinect, $300 for Kinect + Arcade, $400 for Kinect + Elite.

Seems like a good deal to me considering they finally got it cool and silent(so thats what they claim) and built in wifi.

randomwiz2812d ago

Sorry, i got it wrong, apparently they're phasing out the arcade and elite versions.

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The story is too old to be commented.