New 360 available to pre-order from

The new Xbox 360 is available to pre-order from now.

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Gamerbee2873d ago Show
Mr Marbles2873d ago

look into something like this, i got a feeling these slims will go quick. Prolly sell out in a day.

vhero2873d ago

Wow somebody finally did an article on this I posted it like an hour ago lol..

LinuxGuru2873d ago

And some GENIUS finally separated the TOSLINK optical port from the stupid A/V cable so you can use HDMI + optical without bending the hell out of your cables.

Freaking finally.

fossilfern2873d ago

lol i know LinuxGuru it took them like what 5 years ?

Information Minister2873d ago

Indeed. That was actually one of my biggest issues with the 360's hardware, along with the noise. Now apparently, those 2 have finally been fixed, which leaves us only with the external power supply. One thing Sony did really really well with the PS3 slim was keeping the internal power supply. If MS got rid of that ugly inconvenient power brick on the new slim Xbox 360, I just might buy one later this year. That is assuming they stick with the €200 price point for the elite in my country.

LinuxGuru2873d ago

Hmm, yeah. Kinda forgot about the massive power brick. I wonder if that's changed too.

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