First images of the new Xbox 360 - gamrFeed

gamrFeed was live at Microsoft's E3 2010 Press Conference and managed to get these images after the conference had finished

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steve30x2870d ago

Looking at the top oif that new model theres ventillation there so I hope there is at least one fan there to help air flow to prevent RROD.

AAACE52870d ago

They redesigned the console to reduce heat. The fan(s) will probably be on the right side (top of console while flat) to suck air out of the unit! I think the red problem might be done.

I'm happy about the ESPN deal, but i'm more of an NFL fan, and I miss some of the games I want to see. I was hoping this would be included, but it probably won't. the good thing is, we will probably see more partnerships like this and MS will finally make good on the long time coming IPTV!

DoomeDx2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )


EDIT: Nvm. should have checked the link before placing a comment. new pics for the new xbox 360! With the only diffrense: Build in wi-fi, and bigger HD! Xbots will love it

Mr Marbles2870d ago

I think I just blew, that is one pretty machine.

SaberEdge2870d ago

It really does look awesome. I want one really bad even though I already have a 360 that has been going strong for 5 years.

Strikepackage Bravo2870d ago

was history with the jasper, the slim60 most likely has a new MOBO, not a chance of a RROD, plus its quiet, Im all over this thing picking one up ASAP.

DoomeDx2870d ago

Nobody knows.

maybe the RROD is still not fixed..

why would MS care?

''Yeah if their Xbox gets broken, they are buying a new one! PROFIT :D:D''
be smart, and buy a wii or ps3.

(not a fanboy!)

MegaPowa2870d ago

Cmon Microsoft isn't filled with a bunch of idiots

HIGGINZOB2870d ago

All technology breaks you moron.

Strikepackage Bravo2870d ago

only a fanboy would say something so stupid, no one buys a new 360 when they break cuz it has a 3yr warranty. Also MS cares cuz it costs them a fortune to replace broken units, and the damage to the reputation of the console hurts sales. What are you 6 years old, how could you post something so moronic?

MegaPowa2870d ago

You don't have to be harsh you know. As in fixed i meant it won't be as bad it is now..shesh don't take this so seriously

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The story is too old to be commented.