EA: E3 2010 Live Report

Electronic Arts is one of the biggest publishers in the world, and be covering its E3 conference in full so you get all the info as soon as we do. It kicks off on Monday June 14 at 10pm BST and we expect plenty of big games to be revealed. A dead cert is Criterion's Need for Speed title, but we're hoping for news on a Mirror's Edge sequel too. Medal of Honor, The Sims, Dead Space 2 and more will also be covered, along with EA's line up of sports games.

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-Alpha2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

It was the best one so far.

Lots of games, Dead Space 2 looks great, I'm interested in the Sims 3. Fitness games are already plaguing the market, how many do we need??

Was waiting to see Insomniac's game though.

deadreckoning6662930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Best conference so far indeed. The GunClub announcement was great. BC2 V.I.P members are in the MOH beta!

Mr Patriot2930d ago

can u please explain that, I mean I hae BC2 bough it brand new does that make me a vip member ?

jonboi242930d ago

awesome showing. loved the new feature in need for speed. and man did dead space look good. plus loved how some of the audience surprised were when they said they'll show more at the sony conference. can't wait for the sony conference and nintendo conference, only to see the 3ds.

Tomdc2930d ago

I think the multi-platform game is in it's very early stages after all they hadn't even got 360 Dev kits when the EA deal was announced! Resistance 3 will be at Sony's conference tho you can count on it.

peeps2930d ago

"It was good. Better than MS's conference."

I was thinking the same. Lots of good footage and some nice little announcements.

- gonna keep an eye on need for speed
- can't wait to try the medal of honor beta that's only a week away
- dead space 2 is looking good
- if it's reasonably priced will look into bfbc2 vietnam
- Gonna keep an eye on MMA although if i was gonna buy any mma game this year it would prob be UFC
- Crysis 2 should be good although honestly i'm not that blown away
- bulletstorm is looking fun
- Gonna keep an eye on KotoR

all in all a good little press conference imo. lots of great games.

Also an unusual thing i noticed... all games apart from bulletstorm and crysis 2 were being played with a ps3 controller. Wouldn't have seen that a few years ago when all demo's seemed to be played on the 360

Christopher2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Can't wait till tomorrow to see more of Dead Space 2 at Sony's conference :)

Way too early for Insomniac's game. Though, EA made sure to point them out, along with the Respawn guys. That's the type of name dropping we like to see at these events, though.

NeoBasch2930d ago

I hope every conference going forward matches the brilliance EA has shown here.

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CobraKai2930d ago

Kinda disappointed they didn't mention anything from Insomniac.

dktxx22930d ago

insomniac signed the deal just weeks ago, they wouldn't start development until after the deal was struck.

andron6662930d ago

Dead Space 2 and Crysis 2 were great. Lots of other good games too. Bulletstorm looked fun.

Can't wait to see more Dead Space 2 tomorrow....

Aphe2930d ago

I agree, the show was great. Was worth watching for Dead Space 2 alone, but I enjoyed most of it really.

Tomdc2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )


Redempteur2930d ago

i arrived late but i enjoyed bullet storm ( but this game isn't for me )
and the old republic part

crysis 2 was meh .. i'm still not sol on this one ..but it might be worth a look since it's the first 3D FPS game .out of there

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