Official and Full Details of the Call of Duty Activision/Microsoft Agreement

Xbox Evolved:

"Multi-Title, Multi-Year Agreement for Blockbuster Franchise Extends Through 2012

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D3adcell2688d ago

Haven't they been doing this for a while already?

BeaArthur2688d ago

Yeah, but now I guess you won't have to wonder.

captain-obvious2688d ago

the deal is old
the deal is that the xbox360 gets timed exclusive DLC before the PS3 and PC

this deal was made i think before MW2's release

raztad2688d ago

Yeah. And I came to the conclusion PS3 COD fans couldnt care less. In fact COD lovers can endure ANYTHING. Delays, high prices, repurchasing old maps, whatever ACT throws at them they will swallow and buy the next iteration/map pack. So this is a huge win for ACT, a waste of money from MS and just another annoyance for PS3 COD hardcores. I'm not one of them though.

vhero2688d ago

Money, money, money! *starts humming the million dollar man theme tune*

dizzleK2688d ago

i'm fairly certain that the $ that was capital P PISSED away on this could have bought a studio or another couple exclusives.

congrats on getting maps for a multiplat game 2 weeks early, that'll show sony. /s

boodybandit2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Timed exclusives, going after Sony's games, over the op ($$$) marketing campaigns and ALL that money could be spent on new IP's or creating or purchasing studio support.

I rarely ever purchase DLC. In the past 5 years I might have spent $40 to 50 dollars on DLC between the 360 and PS3.

mastiffchild2688d ago

Well, you cannot blame MS for trying to get iconic series like GTA or FF to come away from being Sony only franchises, can you?

That said the exclusive DLC(and also that from certain retailers so gamers don't get a uniform test of skill-which is crap to me), timed exclusives, games masquerading as exclusives then changing years later(after the devs have convinced a portion of their fans to buy one or the other console because of it)are all crap that blight this generation as a whole and MS inparticular. they might have thought they help gain market share but I'm not so sure when you look at things like them paying for DLC rights on TR:U which sold better on PS3 or paying for(what a week?)exclusivity of the RE5 demo which, again, did best on the PS3 anyway. In exactly the same way I very much doubt the exclusive Joker DLC for AA ever made anyone change their console of choice either. I think it's all a bit ,misguided and gamers kjust don't like it or care enough to make the moves the platform holders seem to want them to.

The only thing, however, that MS have saddened me with this generation was (apart from selling a console clearly not tested enough for release)the closing of studios under their control when they were shelling out a lot on timed exclusivity and DLC. Surely an exclusive game from those people with similar or smaller investments would/could have given more reason top buy a 360 than getting a few maps early, no?

So, yeah, that stuff all gets up noses(though, in no way is it something only MS do even if they do it more than others)but to do it while studios that could have made fresh, exclusive games were closed was what I found less than attractive myself. I guess, though, that that's why I'm not making decisions in the industry!

The Wood2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

problem is they should be building their own legacy NOT try to be 'Me Too' all the time or emulate the ps2 by pushing the games that made the ps2 great. They spend too much money on this instead of actually building for the future imo. Real exclusives are why MS had very little to show today. The timed exclusive card can only paper over the cracks for so long. Its becoming laughable BUT ultimately it is good for their customers albeit a little short sighted but its also the reason sony's model benefits its gamers more as an MS timed will always come and sometimes that late version is upgraded but they rely on themselves more than 3rd parties

fr0sty2688d ago

now all sony needs to do is gain exclusivity from respawn... hehe.

sedx2688d ago

i wonder how much they paid lol

sajj3162688d ago

<SARCASM> bravo ... well done Microsoft </SARCSM>

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