Kojima Forgets to Get a 360: Microsoft Press Conference in Japanese Twitter

1UP: Twitter was abuzz with Tweets about the 360 and Kinect during Microsoft's E3 briefing in the English speaking world. What did it look like in Japan? Read on to find out.

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PirateThom2902d ago

Hahahaha, I love Kojima, I really do.

UltimateIdiot9112901d ago

He's one hell of a developer. When he's enthusiastic about something, it shows and when he's not. Well, it shows.

Whatever his next big project is, I can't wait.

- Ghost of Sparta -2901d ago

Kojima didn't forget to pick up a free 360. He simply, even when free, isn't interested. One could tell he wants nothing to do with MGS: Rising and after seeing the new trailer, I can't blame him. Looks like shit.


That M$ rep with the annoying squinty eyes couldn't even pronounce Kojima's name right!

Bereaver2901d ago

I've got enough blind fanboys on the 360 side to keep me busy, I don't need more on the ps3 side. MGS Rising, didn't look half bad, I'd buy it. Support Kojima.

ThanatosDMC2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

HAHAHAH! Some of them left early.

Christopher2901d ago

That's... really harsh. I know he might not have meant it that way it sounded, but it's hard to read it as otherwise. I mean, really, he had nothing good to say about the Microsoft conference? Just... I'm out...

deafwing2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

... perhaps you would understand ... it's kinda odd actually, the presenter introduced him and I thought he was going to talk about his next project but then he just introduced the Producer for MGS Rising and bounced - "PEACE OUT MY GAMERS!" lolz I was like .. "okay?"

Here's the comment -

" Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear)
Huh? Get a 360? I had something to do so I left. RT @Kemukin: @Kojima_Hideo Good job Mr. Kojima. Pretty nice getting a 360 slim, isn't it? "



He purposely didn't take one.

shoddy2901d ago

or maybe he does want to pay for online.
I konw it's cheap but it just gonna add to your bills pile.

Heisenberg2901d ago

Yeah he didn't seem too choked up about missing it....

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Godmars2902902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

I'm sure they'll send him one anyway.

"Matsuyama Hiroshi (.hack)
The Microsoft Conference was great! So good that it makes me forget about their event last night. Amazing."

Gawdl3y2901d ago

So HE'S the one responsible for .hack?
...that game series was AMAZING!

deafwing2901d ago

wow .. that's fing harsh man ROFLMFBAO

Optical_Matrix2901d ago

Wait why was Shinja Mikami at SCEA?

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

1 day before the conference of Sony I believe.
I assume they will show Vanquish in the Sony Conference (they said PS3 Lead Vanquish), and he will talk about that tomorrow.

Christopher2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

Resident Evil 5 + Move, possibly? Also, possibly Vanquish. He's a big fan of Sony, personally, as well.


Resident Evil 5 is confirmed to use Move.

Somnipotent2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

probably left to prep the reveal of zone of the enders 3 for sony's presser tomorrow :-P

i wish.

El_Colombiano2901d ago

Oh God I read your comment and my heart skipped a beat. I thought you were serious about ZOE3!

Umb2901d ago

Hope is the first step to disappointment!

despair2901d ago

don't say things like than man...people hopes will be crushed :(

deafwing2901d ago

... U LIAR ... but yea .. it would be nice.

BYE2901d ago

Meh, I'd rather see a new Metal Gear or Snatcher.

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Britney Spears2901d ago

lol he didn't care,he just wanted the cash he got to go to the stage. He doesn't care about M$.


"just as Snake pass the batton to Raiden in MGS 2, I pass the batton to MGSR director..."( I FORGET HIS NAME SORRY)... Then he almost run to get out of the stage after just 30 seconds of his pressence. LOL!! WOW!!!


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