GameSpot: Gears of War 3 Updated Impressions

Gears of War 3 will feature four player co-op for the first time in the series, and Epic Games' charismatic Cliff Bleszinski used E3 to show it off. He was joined by fellow Epic man Rod Ferguson on stage as well as two other people to play as familiar characters Marcus and Dom, as well as new female characters Anya and Sam.

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dangert122954d ago

this game lookd sick he put a sticky on the guy and kicked him over to the over 1 and blew them both up LOL
2 sick

Independent_Charles2954d ago


Anarki2954d ago

You guys are seriously easily amused...

SaberEdge2954d ago

I know, 4 player co-op is insane. I can't believe they are pulling that off with a game that looks that good.

Kingdom Come2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

I don't care how many disagree's I get for this statement because I'm obsessed with Gears of War: BEST GAME EVER!
Just a note, did anyone notice on Cliffy B's entrance that it was said that he will continue to move the Xbox forward, More Gears after 3 people :)

Anarki2954d ago

I'm sorry, but it was just Gears2 with addons... how was this ever anything new?

Kingdom Come2954d ago

Let me guess you think Killzone 3 is a HUGE leap forward from 2, I mean after all, now there are Executions and a slide, gtfo Sony Fanboy.
Gears of War 3 was INCREDIBLE!

Anarki2954d ago

Actually, no... I don't think KZ3 is much of a step forward from KZ2. But from the looks of what I've saw so far, it has more new things than what gears 2 did.

Only blind 360 fanboys will hype up gears of war 3. I've played the first 2 and both where not anything that ground breaking.

poopface12954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

whats with you and crying so much.

gears will be awesome, especially the 4 player co-op.

OldParr2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

it was really cool!!

Microsoft Xbox 3602954d ago

Umm... Gears of War 2.5? Looking brown as usual.

Colonel-Killzone2954d ago

I honestly thought the gameplay they showed looked really fun and cool.

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