Congrats Microsoft, You Just Bought The Games Press

"Twiggy", PushSquare: "The term "moneyhat" has long been used in conjunction with Microsoft, and indeed, businesses in general. But I believe, tonight, we saw the true meaning of the term. With a two-hour showing barely raising a muted clap at Microsoft's press conference tonight, we were treated to a range of mediocre to decent to downright poor presentations for the XBOX. And the audience were responding to that - Harmonix's Dance Central the only game truly managing a rapturous cheer from the in-house audience. Until, of course, the sucker punch -- the moneyhat if you will. "Hey, audience. Sorry you don't care about these games. We still want you to write nice things. Have an XBOX on us."

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MaximusPrime2904d ago

LMAO -really?

countless of RRoD doesnt make them smart

SillySundae2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Which is why they get people to jump(buy)in.

NOT saying I'm in favor of such strategies.

But if you'll think about it, those people who get the free x360 can potentially help their Kinect sales. (and do some word of mouth)

Which is why I'm thinking of shifting to Sony, I am getting paranoid that I only fell for some of MS's tactics (I have a 360).
And I'm getting bored with my shooters, and wanted to play some RPG's (I heard that DSouls is good, and there's an MMO from DC)

Blaze9292904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

You can't launch something without the press getting their hands on it first. Imagine Apple launching the 4G IPhone today then not letting the press get their chance to review it and just having the product launch without a verdict.

I mean really. The thing is already shipping today and will be in store soon so how do you expect journalist to report on the new device they didn't get a chance to touch yet? it had to be done so that the new launch this week would be widespread with people talking about all over the world from the publications that got a new xbox 360, today. How can you launch a product with no one being able to talk about what's new about it?

Don't understand why people are so quick to throw out bribe. Bribe for what? Everyone is still saying the show and Kinetic sucked. So what are they bribing the media for if not kind words about today's show?

When sony sent out PS3 slims and PSP GOs to the media, was that a bribe?

Look, IGN got bribed:

Engadget got bribed:

"Yes, we can hardly believe it ourselves, but [B]Sony came a-knockin' at our door today[/B], and we were more than willing to answer. The PlayStation 3 Slim is now official in-house, and it's a matte-laden beaut. Enough chitchat -- live vicariously through our unboxing and hands-on pics below!"

Oh snapz, they got bribed again!:

"Sony's just handed us [/B]a shiny new, UMD-less PSP Go (or "PSPgo," depending on who you ask) to run our greasy fingers all over, and while we can't give you our impressions until later this month, we can let you live vicariously through us and our unboxing photos. Enjoy!"

But it's only a bribe is Microsoft does it right?

I guess next time any company launches hardware we need to tell them to force the media to go out and buy their own damn hardware. Same for videogames - make the press go out and buy the game!

Information Minister2904d ago

I guess the guys at MS thought to themselves: "Ok... We don't have much in the conference for our traditional users and previously acquired fanbase. What should we do? I know! We'll get Kojima on stage and at the end of the show we'll give away free 360 slims to every member of the press. That will get the media talking about how we stole the show from Sony for the upcoming weeks."

Mr_Bun2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

This is just another way MS can add to their "Units Shipped" tally.

ChronoJoe2904d ago

@blaz, then you give them out to people who specifically review hardware, not people who are 'reviewing' the conference, whilst they are reviewing it. That is a bribe.

NeoBasch2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Smart? From a business stand point? No way. At least, it wasn't smart to do it live. Gamers across the world witnessed Microsoft bribe the press right in front of their eyes thanks to Spike TV and various members of the press. Now, gamers are holding the media responsible. Many have already requested several outlets to return the gifts in hopes that they will reclaim their integrity. It's a pretty serious issue in fact. It will probably deface Microsoft for some time now. Especially considering it was basically a $63,000+ money hat. O_O That's a full year's salary!

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Jamie Foxx2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

a freebie was the only thing that got a cheer,how sad is that?

no games were shown apart from the usual suspects,seriously pondering if i should watch sonys presentation after that piece of garbage, im so pissed off because i fell for the greenburg hype of 'big reveals' so i forced myself to keep watching

id rather piss on a railway line than go through that again

HolyOrangeCows2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

The saddest part is that it hasn't worked. The press has still been pissing on the conference all day. lol

VileAndVicious2903d ago

How is this any different from the reviews of its hugely overrated exclusives?

Simon_Brezhnev2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

lol thats all they do is bribe

edit: @knight
Your right lol and i was lol so hard at the part when nobody clapped on the Kinect car game. The presenter looked so embarrassed clapping by himself.

knight6262904d ago

i only heard a few reactions on the new xbox design no one was impressed until they heard everyone is getting one they got excited

vhero2904d ago

We always said they buy off reviewers and the press and at the conference tonight they proved it to the whole damn world!

Microsoft Xbox 3602904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Two hours of kinect shovelware and the already expected dudebro shooters? I would also be pissed if I left empty handed too.

Mista T2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

the shooters weren't even good, same old same old

Halo isn't even Halo anymore, its more like COD, and even the music in the game is very unhalo like.

AAACE52904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

I watched it and heard lots of applause! I guess they are targeting the uninformed who didn't watch it!

Wanna see a strange thing? Today showed Kinect games and some are calling it shovel ware. Tomorrow will show Move games and those same people will be calling them the greatest thing on earth!

There's no reason to hate so much guys... they're just games!

Graey2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

I would say this, I heard applause but what the author is saying is there was no jaw dropping applause no moment in which one could say Microsoft really shined.

I tell you what, watch the PS3 conference(one would assume you would) and see if you see a difference...provided the conference is good/great of course. Then let me know what you think.

lpfisher2904d ago

Nothing M$ showed was worthy of applause. Nothing at all. Kinectimals? Cool, Catz, Dogz, and Eyepet say hey. The star wars game, while cool in concept, will probably be nothing more than a glorified minigame. Obviously there was the standard sports, party game stuff, and movie/dashboard functions, and the new Slim 360 which , in my opinion, is damn near useless. The system needs a price cut, not just on the older models, on the whole brand. The entire conference was mediocre, plain and simple.

animboo2904d ago

there were some applause but not to the "standing ovation kind", hell i didnt even hear any applause during kubo's presentation of the wii sports, ah! kinetic sports i mean.
Sony has shown some hardcore games for the move and i didnt see 1 for the kinect.

BYE2904d ago

They were smart if it wouldn't be obvious...

secksi-killer2904d ago

could it be that microsoft actually planned to give them away, so the journalists could go away and review and write about them??? does that sound plausable to the n4g fanatics or not??

not that i am defending microsoft, but just trying to see things from a different non-fanboy angle!

Graey2904d ago

Or one could was on the table...and either or kind of thing, depending on whether or not the audience was hyped by the end of the Conference. Perhaps in fact at the last minute he was given the go ahead to give them out as a last attempt to garner better ratings of the event.

Just another point of view :)

sikbeta2904d ago

lol man That's Really Old, I remember the other Game that come with this, it was about some sport games, ah, those days....


This article is Talking about the Free x360 for everyone at the end of the conference, being honest Idk, I only know that People were expecting More after what happened yesterday...

hoops2904d ago

They are Smart. From a business aspect...It was smart for MS to focus on so many casual titles for Natal or whatever its called. Hate Natal or love it. It's going to sell and sell the grannies. Moms...Dads that do not game. Kids. That was their intention.
MS just pissed on the gaming crowd and said we want Wii money and f to the rest of the demograhics.
Business wise smart. For all us real balls like ricohet.

lpfisher2904d ago

With a $100+ price tag (assumed and probable), I'm going to go ahead and disagree. I don't think a whole hell of a lot of the casual market is going to throw around that amount of money for what is, essentially, a beefed up Eyetoy.

nycredude2904d ago

Been at the dentist! What did I miss?

talltony2904d ago

This article says it perfectly. They used a get out of jail free card.

BeOneWithTheGun2904d ago

Demon's Souls is one of the best RPGs out there. It will consume 100s of hours of your life.

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Droid Smasha2904d ago ShowReplies(4)
Bumpmapping2904d ago

That's what M$ has been doing all gen *cough* Halo 3 reviews,don't know why any one would be so surprised by this.

ElementX2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

I'm sure if Nintendo or Sony gave out something it would be brilliant!

it's call sarcasm

Sunny_D2904d ago

And you would know this how? Maybe if you actually wait for an announcement. It would be good. Did Sony give away free PS3 slims when they announced it? NO, they didn't need to. MS needed to because of the piss poor conference. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it. Stop living in denial.

get2sammyb2904d ago

No, I'd be writing the exact same thing. It was cheap. I know companies give out samples to the games press. That's what they do. I believe when the PlayStation 3 Slim was announced - Sony visited a number of high-profile publications and gave them a system.

But the way they gave every single audience member a console, and the way the announcement was delivered was bordline unethical. It was also the only announcement to raise any sort of cheers on the entire night. A Zelda announcement usually generates the same amount of cheers -- but that's in expactation of a genuine video game. This was in response to a freebie.

It was cheap, and a dirty move.

002904d ago

that you weren't invited and didn't get one.

Chris3992904d ago

To shuffle all those new 360s in. Pretty sure that they added that last minute after the luke-warm (at best) reception from Kinect last night.

And yes, it is blatantly unethical. Let's see how many journalists change their tune after they lamb-basted Kinect yesterday.

ElementX2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

They didn't shuffle them in, if you were paying attention you would know that the new 360s are being mailed to the audience.

BTW the kinect videos speak for themselves, this is about a new model 360. I very much doubt that journalists will be giving kinect games good reviews if they performed like they did today.

Chris3992903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

I didn't hang on every word after that, sorry. Don didn't mention anything about "how" the new 360s were to arrive in the hands of journalists (and if he did, then I really must have been asleep).

And how did Endgadget wind up with one then? Pretty sure it wasn't the mail.

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DaThreats2904d ago

No hardcore games for Kendal, failure