Metal Gear Solid: Rising Gameplay Video Analysis

PSLS Writes: A year has gone by with virtually no news of Metal Gear Solid: Rising. Now as E3 kicks off, the first gameplay video ever has surfaced. We’ve got it for you, and first impressions on everything it tells about the new game, and the whole Metal Gear series.

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Colonel-Killzone2834d ago

Well from the trailer it seems there will be precision cutting in how you kill your enemies.

ShinMaster2834d ago

It looks like the analog stick is being used to guide which way to cut.

LaChance2834d ago

Looks really good to me. Keep my eye on it.

I just hope the story is as good as the other MGS's, that will be almost AAA confirmed.

Cevapi882834d ago

how about being able to deflect bullets...slice them right down the middle....we saw this in previous installments of the MGS series...lets see if we can actually have the ability to do this

Vo_Cal2834d ago

When i saw that, i almost peed..... a little

webeblazing2834d ago

are you talking bout deadpool

captain-obvious2834d ago

sorry but
where is the stealth ?

Biggest2834d ago

Am I the only person that played Afro Samurai? It's the same shit! As a matter of fact, I could argue that they're the same idea. Afro Samurai was fun for me because I love the series. You hack and slash your way to the end of the game. You have the ability to choose what and how you hack and slash with a measure of precision. From what the showed today, it's the same thing.

WildArmed2834d ago

while it not being a real MGS is estbalished..
i can't wait to see how this will roll out.
The game looks effen awesome!

Esp. since Kojima is working on Castlevania too, i think he can pull off the action-MGS game pretty well.

but I'm disappointed at the same time that we won't be getting a badass stealth game for what MGS is known for

hay2834d ago

Looks yummy. I love the tech behind this engine.

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Yes, looks good.

I asume you can unlock skills and improve the character.

Microsoft Xbox 3602834d ago

This was the only thing interesting coming from MS's conference. The Move would benefit this game the most.

-Ikon-2834d ago

you cant deny move precision and the way that demo looked. Imagine 2 moves dual wielding..

you can now recreate the radien videos from mgs4 in game

evilmonkey5012834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

It is possible. This ISNT an xbox exclusive. Dont see how natal could do it, but yeah, move would kick ass with this game.

BlackSharinganX2833d ago

you know never thought of that my friend, thnx now i m ight get the move myself

Christopher2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

1. Destructible environments and objects.
2. Precision cutting
3. Power ups from defeated certain foes (energy?) that leads to skill enhancements
4. Free watermelon.
5. No cardboard boxes in sight, unfortunately.
6. Hideo is really uncomfortable when on stage.

@below: Yeah, don't know if it's because he's on stage or because he's not too happy with the direction of the game, but I'm leaning towards the former. From other reports, he was very happy and responsive at the PS Blog event last night.

jonboi242834d ago

or uncomfortable showing a game that really isn't his or maybe because he's on a MS stage. lol i kid. looks cool but i hated how when he got show he continues like nothing is happening. and i know it too early to tell but a lot of the enemies stood there shooting while he just walked up to them and sliced them.

dirthurts2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Would you feel comfortable?

PirateThom2834d ago

Last year was the same, on Microsoft's stage... but, at Sony's, talking about a game he was in charge of and, obviously, cared about, he's very calm and composed.

raztad2834d ago

Lets not kid ourselves. Kojima feeling comfortable on a MS conference is like expecting Itagaki to feel at home at Sony stage. Guy loves PS brand and PS owners love Kojima work. BTW, dont forget to buy PW. Outstanding game regardless the platform.

Christopher2834d ago

***Kojima feeling comfortable on a MS conference is like expecting Itagaki to feel at home at Sony stage.***

Which only makes last night's event even funnier when he walked out on it after only a few minutes. Itagaki, that is. :p

jack_burt0n2834d ago

lol raz u make me feel guilty as soon as i get paid PW will b bought.

PirosThe4th2833d ago

lulz even Itekagi felt uncomfortable at M$ place....

Same happened last year.. i think that he doesn't really like M$... Konami is producing the game so he wasn't the one that came up with it.

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SaberEdge2834d ago

I thought it looked cool. I also noticed that the gameplay portion looked better than MGS4, so that is a awesome.

evilmonkey5012834d ago

you could get beat up for saying things like Better keep that opinion on the internet. :)

nycredude2834d ago

How did you notice that from such a short and small video? It looks like it's using the same engine to.

PirosThe4th2833d ago


They said that its a new multiplatform engine built from the ground up but its seems that they recycled all many models from MGS4 xD

Like the soldiers and some other stuff looks the same!

andron6662834d ago

Kinda reminded me of the gameplay of Afro Samuarai with the slicing and the dicing, only better. Looking forward to more of this...

fooltheman2833d ago

maybe move will support it... ^^

mantisimo2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

I have to admit was actually fun in Okami (wii) when you sliced up the evil monkey guitar blowpipe devil.....things.

@evilmonkey above, "come here little monkey evil thing, puss puss puss aw come he...SLICE" lol

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002834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

I wonder what other kinds of fruit I'll be able to cut.


lol i have to admit, i was a little impressed on how nicely he cut them melons

alphakennybody2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

ps move enable and it will be perfect!

with that kind of gameplay it'll feel more natural with the Move when cutting.

R2D22834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

PS3 version for me - dont feel right playing any thing MGS related on any other console. That like me playing Halo on the PS3.

ChickeyCantor2834d ago

Its just software running on a kids these days.

Seferoth752834d ago

Nothing like that at all really. Cause you know MS owns Halo and Sony does not own MGS.

I know that happens a lot to casual gamers who know nothing about a series. even though Sony had the least amount of exclusive FF games some of Sony's casual gamers think its a Sony franchise

R2D22834d ago

I ma just saying that certain things dont feel right to me unless I play them on something that I am use to.

Saints Row 2 for example - I boguth Saints Row 1 for the 360 and boguht 2 for the PS3 and it did not feel right.

hay2834d ago

@R2D2: I had no problems playing Twin Snakes.

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Hellsvacancy2834d ago

It didnt look to bad (im all for violence) ill wait till ive seen sum more gameplay b4 i make up my mind

It looked better then what it did yesterday

showtimefolks2834d ago

i am glad kojima didn't pull the exclusive crap ps3 fans deserve to play this just as much if not more

game needs to be fast i don't know what but the trailer that started was much more fast pace than the gameplay shown

and everything seems like ARCADE i mean cutting vans and pillers for buildings i hope they get some feedback from E# and improve and i really do believe KOJIMA himself needs to be involved if the feedback is not good

he just made peace walker and people called it one of the best if not best mgs game in the series mgs3 in my opinion

Kleptic2833d ago

Kojima stated numerous times that Rising is not 'his'...So it definitely is going to be very different than what MGS fans are used to...