PS3 Owners: Will you buy New Xbox 360 Slim?

ProductReviews: After Microsoft’s eventful E3 keynote speech, many PS3 owners are probably wondering whether or not to buy the new Xbox 360 Slim. How many of you are prepared to give the new console a run out?

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deadreckoning6662928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )


A PS3 Slim has built-in Wi-fi, Blu-ray player, Blu-ray games, Internet Browser, free online, recharagable controller, Home, unlimited accounts opens the door to unlimited friends, 160 gigs, arguably the best exclusives and certainly the greatest variety in exclusives compared to the 360, IMO the best motion controller out there and its already been confirmed to be under 100 bucks with everything you need to get started included.

And guess what..its only getting better with firmware updates.

Sidenote- Internet Browser opens the door to free movies, tv shows, music, porn, and free PPV...if u know where to look that is :)

Shadow Flare2928d ago

saw the headline and i literally burst out laughing. The slim 360 looks really nice but not at that dumb price and natal didnt really convince me if im being honest lol

"wait till e3"

D4RkNIKON2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

"wait till e3" HAHAHA

"is it still dvd9- check
still battery operated controllers-check
slide out disc tray- check
pay for live-check

^^ exactly, how can you compare that to a machine that has bluray, free online, First party exclusives and rechargable controllers all for the SAME price?

zootang2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )


No Blu Ray? same price? Are they mad?!!

LaChance2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

"PS3 Owners: Will you buy New Xbox 360 Slim?"

Whats the use of asking such a question on N4G ?

The most fanboyish site on the world wide web. People on this site would kill their mom if Sony asked them too.

Of course the fangirls in here are going to say no...but for some weird reason their voices dont have any impact whatsoever in the real world. The 360 will keep on selling and the Sony fanboys in here are going to keep on being angry at MS for making a console that is actually as successful as the PS3.

Jamie Foxx2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

is it still dvd9?-check
pay to play online?-check
proprietary hdd?-check
yet still same price as a ps3?-check

and more importantly...that e3 conference done nothing but showed A LACK OF EXCLUSIVES

and KINECT has put me right off

AtatakaiSamurai2928d ago

'looks at title again' ROTFLMFAO!

Cevapi882928d ago

way too many games coming out from Sony 1st party devs to even think about buying a 360 later this year...

LoVeRSaMa2928d ago

I need to wait and see of the reliability of the Hardware before hand mind..

Honky Kong2928d ago

like the six axis and eye toy!! wiiiiiiiiii. unlimited friends!! sony sony sony!!!
porn yeaaaaahhh!! opens the doooor!! yeaaaaHHHH!!

go try tbagging yerself

2928d ago
sombrero2928d ago

I already have a 360, so I won't be getting the slim... although I wish the slim was available when I bought my 360.

secksi-killer2928d ago

when i saw the amount of comments, i just knew i would be able to count all the yesses on one hand!!

xbox and n4g just dont mix for some strange reason..... i wonder why that could be??? lol

Ps_alm3k2928d ago

Even with the side by side comparison, you can clearly see that the ps3 still have much to offer.

zireno2928d ago

I have all 3 consoles, but if I didn't have a 360 the only reason in my case for not buying one would be having to pay to play online. I know that most people are going to say that xbox live is waaay better than psn, everyone is entitled to his opinion but I don't think so, sure it may have a few options here and there than ps3 is missing right now but to charge 50 bucks for a gold membership? no thank you. I play with my xbox offline because, seriously.. why would you pay to play online if you can do it for free on other console. This is in my case, because I own all 3 consoles, I would understand if you only had an xbox but if you have a ps3 it just doesn't make sense to me.

Bodyboarder_VGamer2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Do you actually think that with the many games coming out for the PS3 I'd have the time? lol

Plus it cost the same as a PS3 and it has no blu-ray? That's a rip-off man. 0_o

UltraNova2928d ago

I m afraid no. Sony offers all that the 360 does and even more, some free as well. Plus Blu-ray..and the most important, a shit load of 1st party AAA games...

Not to mention a soon to be a fact better motion control experience...

NaViTo2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Hell NO! I'm gonna dance like this:

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Sunny_D2928d ago

H E L L to the NO! Why buy something that is trying to play catch up with my launch 60gb or any other PS3? Why buy it when it has no substance? Why? So I can buy it for it's looks? NO. I need games to back it up. I'm not going to be playing Halo for years.

mercenarie2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

ill be too busy with killzone 3 grand turismo 5 socom 4 infamous 2 and well.. i wouldn't be able to play with kinect because the floors are weak in my apartment building and it's packed with nosey old farts that would probably call the cops once they hear continuous stomping =]

jerethdagryphon2928d ago

ms has shown nothing since launch that i want so no this redesign doesnt make me interested

no deal

ian722927d ago

Also with all the jumping about while playing Kinect on weak floors, wouldn't that cause disc scratching.

The Great Melon2928d ago

Although I like the looks and the features more than my Elite, that doesn't change the fact that I already own a functioning Xbox 360 (knocks on wood).

zireno2928d ago

same here, I have all 3 consoles so there's no need, and either way my ps3 is the main console in the house.
although I gotta admit, even though I'm not digging kinect nor the ps move, my inner fatty was kinda excited with the exercise game :D but there's no way I'm spending more than 70 bucks on kinect or ps move, I'd rather spend my cash on awesome games.

Microsoft Xbox 3602928d ago

$300 vs a $300 console. Nope, the PS3 still packs more punch for the dollar.

Will-UK2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

LOL before i clicked the link i could imagine all the no's but they should of lowered the price as well as redesign to be honest

WildArmed2928d ago

Yeah, the redesign really doesn't change anything until the price drops.

Like how Sony dropped the price when Slim hit,
I was hoping MS would drop the price.
I was holding on till the end of the press conf. for them to confirm it >.<

My 360 is begining to stop reading discs, and it's super annoying to try the game 10 games to get it to read.
When i heard the announcement, got excited for a price drop.

Guess I'mma be playing w/ my barely alive 360 for abit longer.

mittwaffen2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

'Handing speeding tickets at the Indy 500'

bruddahmanmatt2928d ago

I might have considered it if there had been a price drop (sorry but my PS3 already has wi-fi and we here in the Playstation camp have been updating to 500GB drives for pennies since launch) in addition to the redesign. 802.11n is NOT deal maker for me. Another problem I have is that Move (despite my distaste for motion controls) is beginning to look very promising. All of that being said however, the biggest hurdle keeping me from making the jump are the titles Sony has lined up starting in Q3 2010. $300 is five games and I can easily think of 20 or so titles whether they're exclusives or great multiplats that I'd love to pick up instead.

wiggles2928d ago

Are they the same price point I can get a Blu Ray player???....

No thanks.

I think I would rather have a real tiger then to buy Kinect and play with it's tiger....

lol do with that last sentence as you must =P

ruiner44822928d ago

@$300.00 you can pick up 2 players if you so desired. :p

jerethdagryphon2928d ago

i wouldnt mind the plushy tiger from the media pack but thats it...

hey i collect tigers

A change in the wind2928d ago

Fat chance. What good is a redesign with no games to play?

danielle0072927d ago

There are loads to play. Gears, Halo, Crackdown 2, Mass Effect, Alan Wake, Blue Dragon, Forza, Fable, Metro 2033, Prey, Viva Pinata, Portal 2 (when that happens), plus L4D and the Orange Box <3

C'mon pal. Plus all the multiplats, which sometimes the PS3 gets the short end of the stick on those, unfortunately. There are games for the system. I mean, I'm slowly making the PS3 my main system, but I still have lots of games I have to play on my 360. You're just being silly if you can deny the quality of ALL of those games.

Deputydon2928d ago

I would have bought one if they actually showed games I wanted to play. Halo 4 and Gears 3 aren't enough, and Natal (yeah I'm gonna go ahead and keep calling it that, because it sounds so much better) looks lame.

Dramscus2928d ago

HAHA noooo. I'm not a sony fanboy because the PS3 is perty I'm a sony Fanboy because sony has better exclusive games.
HAHAHA buy an xbox. Someone offered to trade me one with a ton of games for my psp... noo I don't even want that crap for trade

Strikepackage Bravo2928d ago

For most ps3 fans its not about the games or gaming, its about supporting Sony, buying this sexy new slim 60 would would not help Sony so its not going to happen.

Sunny_D2928d ago Show
Strikepackage Bravo2928d ago

No BUT, i planned on getting one once GT5 comes out, I say planned cuz that will have to wait, Im getting that slim 60 now, that thing is just too sexy, also plan to pick up a cheap fat 360 since they are starting at 149 now.

Biggest2928d ago

So now he'll have two extra Xbox 360s with no new games to play. Sounds like a plan!

Dramscus2928d ago

I didn't see one game I wanted to play in that conference. Not gears, not halo, not forza not anything on kinect nothing. The only xbox game I've ever wanted to play is mass effect.
With the ps3 I get modnation racers, mag, god of war, uncharted, littlebigplanet, and tons of other exclusive games that totally rock, and aren't just plane old shooters with beefy guys killing aliens.

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Allelujah002928d ago

If Kinect impressed I would have considered it but I'm not going to buy a console that I have only 4 games I'm interested in. The only thing I liked about kinect was the browsing of the dashboard and voice activation but the games were crap to be honest with you. So answer remains no. No interest to me and until they acquire better 1st part devs I don't think there ever will be.

Blacktric2928d ago

I got ripped off once and I'm not gonna let these fu*kfaces to do the same again.

LoVeRSaMa2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

hmm, I would need to see it in person before judgement is passed.

solidt122928d ago

After a price drop or when my 360 fails I might get one for my son since I don't have an ethernet connection upstairs and the built in Wi-Fi would help. But I only play 360 for Mass Effect and Gears.

SaberEdge2928d ago

Of course all the diehard PS3 fanboys on this site are going to say no. But out in the real world I guarantee that the Xbox 360 redesign is going to make a big impact.

It looks absolutely fantastic. I'm getting one. My old 360 that I got at launch is still going strong, but I can't resist the quieter, slicker-looking 360. I can't wait.

saint_john_paul_ii2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

$300 250GB PS3 Vs. $300 250GB 360

Quit dreaming that its going to have a huge impact...

and if the rumors about an updated PS3 slim are true, about it having built-in wirless n and a 500GB hard drive, then even worse...

sikbeta2928d ago

NO, but because I want More Exclusive Games Coming for That Console than a New Hardware revision...

blind-reaper2928d ago

I would buy it if it was $250-$200 range, for what it offers I still think it is quite expensive.

ThanatosDMC2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

::reads title::


boysenberry2928d ago

Not me. I'll be too busy playing high quality PS3 exclusives on my PS3. Enjoy playing Halo and Gears, oh and beta testing the new Xbox 360 console. :)

Crazyglues2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

It looks cool don't get me wrong, -but I just bought my third PS3 a little while ago..

got two fat's and now one new slim..

which I bought for my bedroom..(slim)-pain in the ass trying to get the data to transfer over though. -had to use an external hard drive. The date utility failed 3 times for me.

-but back on topic, and one's in the office...(fat) and one in the living room (fat) just watching Avatar on blu-ray with friends on the plasma made that PS3 worth it. It looked amazing.

I think it's safe to say I'm on PS3 these days.. -also I love not paying to play online, to me that was always silly.. in the 5 years Live has been out I've saved $250 bucks just from not paying for XboxLive

That already pays for my third PS3 because I got it for 250 from a friend who won a brand new one and wanted to sell it.

My old 360 is still collecting dust so no need in buying the new one.


raztad2928d ago

Price is low enough for an impulse purchase, but not sure about the content. The only exclusive that really interests me is ME2 (but I can play it on my PC) and multiplat games are just multiplats.

Let's see next year, when Gears 3 is out.

secksi-killer2928d ago

and multiplat games are just multiplats

i think the ps3 has some great games, and there is no way i could be without a ps3. but battlefield bad co 2 on-line tops every ps3 game on-line with one hand behind its back. and this is coming from someone that thinks kz2 is one of the best on-line console shooters to date!

i dont get all this "its crap unless its a sony exclusive" rubbish?? there is some cracking inde studios in the business, and everytime i read a sony fanboy trying to downplay their work just pisses me off. sony have purchased some great talent over the years, but there is still tons of great talent out there making great games!! ffs

Lifendz2928d ago

C'mon? Need I pull out the chart breaking down what you get for each at that price?

I'll be watching for a brand new Elite at 199.99 or lower.

UnwanteDreamz2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Oh right La Chance it couldn't have anything to do with the fact that a PS3 is the same price. They just hate the 360. Free online play and a BluRay player probably don't factor in either. It is all just irrational hate towards a brand. Logic couldn't have anything to do with it. s/

Mr Marbles2928d ago

It wouldn't be such a crazy question if PS3 fans weren't such a bunch of brand religious fanboy nutt jobs LOL!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi__2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Same old rubbish inside i bet!!! ;-D

+ Where are the 'GAMES'???...

Atelierrorona92928d ago

well most of them are now on sony's ps3?

vhero2928d ago

Was going to buy one tonight as an impulse buy then saw the UK release date.. Sorry MS you lost my custom.. Guess that's what you get for yet again screwing over non US customers..

gta28002928d ago

I didn't buy a 360 when it as dirt cheap. No 360 games have caught my attention. Gears was the only title that was close to making me a get a 360 but I bought it for my laptop and didn't even get past the 1st chapter. There's no point in getting a 360 just because it was redisgned. That's not why I don't own one. So no. Just make a game that interests me and I'll get one.

mookins2928d ago Show
kneon2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Still waiting for a reason to buy one. A redesign is just a reason to wait even longer to see if it has similar reliability issues to it's ancestors. But the real key is games, and I've yet to see an exclusive that I really want to play.

At least it is a better value than it used to be, but still not as good a value as the PS3

prunchess2927d ago

Its got nothing to offer that the PS3 doesn't already have.

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-Mezzo-2928d ago

Only if it promises not to Die.

Clodey2928d ago

Microsofts solution to the red ring of death... remove red lights from the console :)

JonnyBigBoss2928d ago

Haha that's funny. I wonder what the death rate on the new "slim" is.

jonboi242928d ago

haha bubbles. yes now its slightly darker green light of death.