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lokiroo4202812d ago

How much to trade it back in?

Al Bundy2812d ago

$75, and they'll sell it for $139.99.

GuruStarr782812d ago

$75?! doubt it! more like $50 in trade.

sikbeta2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

"$75, and they'll sell it for $139.99"

lol Typical Gamestop as usual...


So, it was True, there wasn't any "testing the water" with the amount of excuses I was hearing since that Rumor if natal/kinect at $149

It's Really Expensive, they need to Realize that it's only an add-on and people will not see it as a new "Complementary Hardware" or something as important as that...


Still a Rumor, forget what I wrote in the first sentence...

qface642812d ago

sell it for 139.99 sounds crazy

don't you remember you only get 5 dollars off for a used product lol

HolyOrangeCows2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

$150 for the Halo/COD crowd that makes up the 360 now
$300/$400 for the Soccer Moms who need to get the bundle.

I don't see either one happening much.

Oner2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

Plus this

Kinectimals ~ $60
Kinect Joyride ~ $60
Kinect Adventures ~ $60

Wow...just WOW! MS has ABSOLUTELY lost their minds...

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qface642812d ago

i really don't deny this rumor this is most likely true for this pricing to come out during e3 after microsofts conference and with all those 149.99 rumors supporting it this is most likely true

pangitkqb2812d ago

Honestly, I love my 360, but from Msoft's E3 presentation I haven't seen any games for Kinect that stand out from the Wii I already own.

Honestly: Where is the quality, highly interactive, high budget, engaging, AAA game that will convince me that Kinect is MORE THAN WII HD.


qface642812d ago

bubbles ive been saying the same thing so far

pxpxp2812d ago

No wonder they didnt say it at the press conference. They themselves know its overpriced. Ohhh well i know im not getting one until they reveal real games for it and lower the price.

D4RkNIKON2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

"Kinect priced at GameStop: $149" that is about the price of a used wii, not to mention console sold separately. It will bomb harder than hiroshima

BYE2812d ago


Complain fail, this News is about Kinect, not the 360...

Mista T2812d ago

they should of said the price, that would've been the biggest fail!!!! bahahahaha

Christopher2812d ago

And no software mentioned in the package? I seriously hope for Microsoft's sake that this isn't true.

AAACE52812d ago

They didn't even announce a price!

RememberThe3572812d ago

I'm not saying that is the price but just because they have not announce the price doesn't mean that GameStop doesn't know it. It also makes sense that they didn't announce the price at the conference because I know that would not have gone over well.

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deadreckoning6662812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

And Microsoft has officially dug their grave! IMO its crap..not worth it at that price. I wouldn't even buy it for $100

Mista T2812d ago

the kinect won't even have any good games, it's the sega 32x all over again

Quadrix2812d ago

Unfortunately, Microsoft is so rich that failing to sell even ONE of these will be nothing more than a mosquito bite to them.

Al Bundy2812d ago

MS still haven't released the price for Nat......err, Kinect at E3. What are they hiding?

LordMarius2812d ago

waiting for Sony's Move price

DoomeDx2812d ago

60 bucks. confirmed by i-forgot-who

RememberThe3572812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

According to Yahoo Currency Converter 60€EUR = 73.3676$USD

DORMIN2812d ago

They already said the bundle is going to be under $100 and that comes with camera, controller, and game?

BTW This isn't the 'official' price. I don't see why MS didn't announce it at their conference, unless it was this horrendous.

Prcko2812d ago

Lame,expensive,stupid,and unnecessarily crap!!!
that's all what i can say about this big microsoft fail!

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