GamesOnSmash: Microsoft Takes Over E3 Bathrooms

Soseki from Games on Smash writes: Mucudadada has sent us some of Microsoft’s bathroom humor at E3:

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Al Bundy2958d ago

No one gave MS the memo that the PS Eyetoy did controller free gaming 8 years ago, huh? They are really making this out to be something it's not.

D4RkNIKON2958d ago

"Who knew you would grow up to be the next xbox 360 controller?" I think I will take a different route in life

Nerd Alert2958d ago

Kinetic out now!

rather has been for several years.

The real killer2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

I knew it ;) that they copy the text :)
Eye toy 2.0 with Kinetic past text :)

bjornbear2958d ago

re-kinect my controller now thank you -_-

Theodore872958d ago

I thought the title implied that MS's press conference was shit but it actually is what it is. I wonder if they have any kinect camera in those bathrooms though. And even if they do, how can it tell the difference between my peewee and my hands as they are so close to each other when I piss. At least I did grow a "controller stick"

dizzleK2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

bathrooms? that's a rather unorthodox, yet appropriate, place to demo kinect but ok, whatever floats their boat.

the irony is that we've shit better e3 conferences than ms'.

Cregan45842958d ago

Agreed. This year was quite pathetic for them. I was anticipating a price drop and new system from xbox. Hope they aren't mystified when they don't sell that well.

And $149 for a camera? Even the xbox people have to be disappointed. Watch Tuesday to see how a conference should be done. It's never too late to join the Sony bandwagon.

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