New Call of Duty: Black Ops "Won't Back Down" Remix Trailer

New Call of Duty: Black Ops - Eminem "Won't Back Down" Remix Trailer is Now LIVE.

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zeksta2810d ago

Erm.... Is it me, or did anyone else not notice the fact that, that really doesn't sound good with the trailer?

Dsnyder2810d ago

His "life in da hood" is nothing compared to war.

Sunny_D2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Agreed this song sucks. Especially with Pink? Also, a better song would be Little Weapon by Lupe Fiasco. His lyrics are amazing! Maybe not on Nas' level but close! He really has something to say unlike lil wayne. I hate him sooo much.

T9X692810d ago

Lupe Fiasco song better than Eminem? You make me laugh, Eminem could throw N'sync in a song and some how make it 100x better than anything Lupe Fiasco could even dream of making.

Horny2810d ago

agreed they should have played Bone Thugs N Harmony Souljahs Marching
or Heated Heavy by Krayzie Bone

basicsameh5142810d ago

the mw2 launch trailer sounded really good

Dnied2810d ago

I think some of his songs sound fkin awesome with games like this. If they're done right. I agree with this, it could have been a lot better, it's a good song but somethin jus doesnt seem right..

one song I think is totally badass for this kinda thing is 'Till I Collapse' 2cents

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BubZ-SkullY2810d ago

alright trailer, cant wait for the full legth proper gameplay trailer, and official new or update content. eminems colab with trey arch seems strong, he is one of the best rappers after all

Guys check out my youtube page i got some mw2 footage out of maps, me and some friends manage to get out of derail, bailout and scrapyard more vids coming soon watch them on my youtube channel!!

LeonSKennedy4Life2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

"The Soldiers' Song" by Demon Hunter needs used.

Edit: I'm sorry you don't like Demon Hunter, disagreeing jerk. Maybe you should grow some taste?

LeonSKennedy4Life2810d ago

Also...this game looks laughably bad. Treyarch...just stop. It was funny at first, but just stop. You're embarassing yourselves.

Number one customer question this week: "Do it have zombies?"

Yes, they said it...poor grammar and everything.

Treyarch's audience are people too dumb to realize they're spending $60 to play a crappy zombie game. These people also buy Cabela's and Nascar games. :)

T9X692810d ago

You make fun of them, yet you will be first in like to get Kinect and Kinectimals.

FA-SHO2810d ago

Direct quote from Black Ops "You see that HIND, I'm gonna take it".... it's gonna be bad man. Even you can't deny this. Also, Leon's right you go into any Gamestop on launch day and there will be a ton of *stereotypical* tools, ghetto trash, and just plain un-educated people asking "Do it have zombies?"

Chnswdchldrn2810d ago

i suppose selling millions of copies of a videogame is embarrassing

i suppose creating a gamemode that is loved by a developed fanbase is embarrassing

oh yea i missed the part where the audience (I'm assuming you meant E3 audience) was all going to purchase black ops

they aren't doing anything wrong; people are the ones who are buying it

Kassanova072810d ago

The new Eminem LP is very good, I highly recommend it for the people that like the genre etc. As far as the game goes it's more of the same, $15 map packs not included :)