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MK_Red4157d ago

Kool list but they should have put Street Fighter agains Mortal Kombat (They were to archrival kings of arcade days). Tekken should be Virtua Fighter.
Also, what about:
Silent Hill: Resident Evil
Gran Turismo: Forza
Ratchet & Clank: Jak & Daxter
Warcraft: StarCraft
Burnout: NFS
Shinobi: Ninja Gaiden
Streets of Rage: Final Fight
Prey: Darkness
& Oblivion: Fallout (I seriously hope Fallout 3 is beyond that and beyond Oblivion with guns)

Farsendor14157d ago

nice list you have there mk red. well this kinda thing doesnt really matter 2 me. but its kinda interesting wanna hear something about the new dbz mmo game.

Phantom_Lee4157d ago

the title "devil of war" sounds really cool

Dr Pepper4157d ago

Wouldn't Uncharted go better against Tomb Raider than Prince of Persia?

7ero H3LL4157d ago

Sam Fisher vs Hitman Codename 47:
(Comeon! The nations best defense versus the worlds best assassin, it's the blockbuster hit of the decade)

Dr Pepper4157d ago


I dunno, Sam vs Snake is pretty epic...

Perhaps Agent 47 vs the guy from Assassins Creed (can't remember his exact name, know it starts with an A) since both are assassins.

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The story is too old to be commented.