Microsoft to slash 360 prices

In the wake off the formal announcement of the '360 slim', Microsoft have also commented that they will be slashing the prices of the older model 360's.

The 360 Elites will now be $249 USD, whilst the Arcade will be $149 USD. The 360 slim will be $299 USD, the former price of the Elite model.

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RedDragan2927d ago

The Arcade should be $99. You don't get much at all.

Gamerbee2927d ago

Its too late to apologise!!! Its too late...

They could make it free. BUt with no good software...It wont sell.Its Sonys time.

Cevapi882927d ago

the new 360 has a 250gb HD...but by the looks of looks has an awkward shape that is hidden under the 360...greenberg showed it off to GTTV..he opened up a plastic plate and popped it out, didnt look like a SATA drive to me..when asked if you can swap it out....he didnt say anything...just changed the subject

Joule2927d ago

Looks like Microsoft is desperate, they lower the price every year.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Well, they have more different versions of consoles of Xbox 360, that is why.

EDITED, the other comment was for captain-obvious.

Ok, thanks Pope.

saint_john_paul_ii2927d ago

the HDD is still proprietary. Aaron Greenburg confirmed it.

its a different kind of proprietary HDD though.

Independent_Charles2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

so using that logic,sony are desperate too. you know they are going to have a price cut tomorrow. and if you dont say they are desperate well then ur two-faced.

edit: @ Krimmson, lol i agree i can go one step better. sony should show they are not desperate by stopping support of the ps3 and bring the ps2 back up to 399. now that what you call non-desperate. bring they will get big hi 5s from the ps3 fans

INC NATE21312927d ago

Unlike sony microsoft can afford to have a price cant and whats funny is how sony is admitting there losses with the price drop and how it didnt do anything for them but average out..

Krimmson2927d ago

So we're now at that point where we now criticize companies for lowering prices?

Maybe Sony should bump the price back to $600 since they're doing so well.

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captain-obvious2927d ago

i need me one of those since my brother took my 360

but TBH i don't see this getting the same sales spike the PS3 slim had
i mean look at the PPL around they were like yah ok
the only time the audience appalled at that E3 event when they released the new design was when he said that they give them free 360's

and another thing is
no one is waiting for a slim 360
remember when they announced the PS3 slim ?
NG4 crashed and the internet went psycho

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Sony didn't announce the PS3 Slim, that is the Redesigned PS3.

Sony said they can make a PS3 more smaller and lighter, that will be called the Slim version.

About MS.

Looks like MS Deliver the 1st Slim Console this generation, they announced the Slim version ¿right?¿or the redesigned version?

I believe the new Xbox have better ventilation, less usage of power considering is more smaller with same performance, which is good, considering we had 4 RRODs.

TVippy2927d ago

Nothing really crashed that day, man. No need to dramatize things.

INC NATE21312927d ago

dude are you blind or something...iv been waiting for one for ever now and so have alot of ppl. and did you see the news bulletin. its at the top with over 400 comments dude. when the ps3 slim out it didnt draw this much attention on this website..Dont get me wrong i love the ps3, i own all 3 consoles...yeah even the wii, i know im stupid but dude this is going to put 360 far head of sony again, sony gained alot of ground but now there going to just have to play alot of catch up again.

MadMan002927d ago

That happens like everyday. -_-

n4g is like GameFAQ, nothing but fan boys.

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Fat Bastard2927d ago

Well you're still getting a high def gaming console. Granted with no hard drive or wi-fi, but 150 is pretty cheap if you ask me

Akagi2927d ago

Let's see:
Network Adapter - $99.99
12 months Gold - $49.99
250GB HDD (or you can get a refurbished one with lower space for about $69.99) $129.99

So yeah.

Fat Bastard2927d ago

I agree, I'd much rather go with a PS3 or one of the newer models. But being able to play halo and gears for only 150 isn't too bad of a deal

iistuii2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

I think it is a high def games console. My Red dead redemption is in high def, is yours ??

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vhero2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

The hard drive off the new 360 wont work on the arcade as it seems to be a redesign too meaning arcade models are not gonna sell as well now the model is out.

Anyway as for UK new model is £199

Elite is £189.99 £10 cheaper!

UK got screwed on that as usual at least its not too expensive.. Oh and according to UK don't get it until mid july?? (16th to be exact)

GameOn2927d ago

People would be silly not to pay the extra £10.

Projekt7tuning2927d ago

Sure, Its not like there's a plethora of used HDs around or anything that you could buy...... Or maybe just a cheap 32gig usb stick. Yep vhero your right, they sure wont be able to move a cheap xbox 360...
Their Doomed!!! oh no...

BeaArthur2927d ago

Yes it should be because then they could stop loosing money on repairs. The repair cost is $100 and if they just dropped the arcade to $100 they would sell more consoles and personally I would be happier not having to wait 2 to 3 weeks to get a refurbished console.

Lifendz2927d ago

Sweet. Glad I waited. I'll pick up an Elite for 99.99 off AMazon or Ebay.

blumatt2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Will they get rid of the regular 360s now that the new model is here. That's what Sony did. They released the slim and phased out the phat models. I hope so, since the new one is nicer and actually has wifi. Every 360 needs to have a harddrive with it. It's funny that every original Xbox had a harddrive and not every 360 does. That was such a step backwards this gen. I love my PS3 120gb slim though. It's such a great machine and Sony's conference will have a great lineup, hopefully including Versus 13.

NY_State2927d ago

Awww MS is so thoughtful. Thank you MS for Natal, now you too can do yoga with your mommy and little sister and the whole family can get into shape TOGETHER. And learn the hottest dance moves from all the hippest gay clubs thanks to Dance Central*.

*delicate wrists required for Dance Central

You can't be serious. The Xbox is no longer about gaming but this retarded g** shit they showed off today. And it's only going to get better with time. lmao

morkendo2927d ago

MS really trying they're best to kill off ps3 lol good luck with that MS @ 150.00 arcade still not happening.ps3 reign SURPREME!!

AAACE52927d ago

With the bundles that were out a few months ago, I think we all kinda knew that these models would get a price cut!

XactGamer2927d ago

I like watching trolls sweat tears of fear

RedDragan2927d ago

How do you make out I am a troll?

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deadreckoning6662927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

WOW, they couldn't drop the Elite to 200 bucks. What kind of a joke is this? I hope people wake up to the B.S. that Microsoft has pulled today. The balls in Sony and Nintendo's court right now.

talltony2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

I thought this was going to be microsofts big comeback but after that casual as hell conference I dnt even know what to think. I mean WTF!

Anon19742927d ago

Too little, too late. They should have redesigned the 360 years ago when they knew there was a problem. Instead you get 360 owners like me who are on their 4th console and afraid to buy games for it because you suspect it's going to die any minute.

I'm all for the new 360. Bigger harddrive, wi-fi, slimmer, quieter, hopefully more reliable. I just can't help but feel that this is closing the barn door after the horses have escaped.

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Dannagar2927d ago

Looks like I'll be buying a new Xbox 360 this week.

Independent_Charles2927d ago

according to the disagrres your not. lol N4G is funny at times. ofcourse the ps3 fanboys and a wii fanboy is on damage control atm. and it will be the turn of the xboxs damage control tomorro. oh expect new nintendo console.

NY_State2927d ago

Thanks and enjoy. lol Self inflected punishment.

JumpNPlayBon2927d ago

Keep us posted to as how long it lasts! I can't believe ANYONE would rush out and buy a NEW MS product after their RROD disaster. Good luck buddy, I think I'll wait a bit though...

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