Analysis - Kinect Launch Titles

[email protected] - "As you can see here, some nice people have made a run down of the Kinect launch titles."

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Christopher2955d ago

Yeah. They could definitely do with a bit of variety, but think it's pretty much set in stone that Kinect is going all casual. I found the Forza 3 'optional' game modes pretty lackluster, especially since the racing game was only about steering, not speed control or anything of that sort.

deadreckoning6662955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

I agree with you but IMO all those games, with the exception of Dance Central didn't get me excited. I see no reason why a casual gamer would spend 450 bucks to play Kinect when they can just buy a Wii for under 200 bucks. Galaxy 2 destroys all those Kinect games from what I can tell and u can get that with a Wii for half the price of a Kinect/360 bundle.

Cevapi882955d ago

should have paid EA to make the next Fight Night Kinect compatible and had two boxers fight it out on stage....hell Tyson would probably do it for a price....that would have had people excited...and it would have made sense to have professional athletes doing it

exnihilonihilfit2955d ago

That's a crappity crap list of games.

SuperStrokey11232955d ago

My Analysis - its all shovelware garbage.

D4RkNIKON2955d ago

Who HONESTLY didn't see this coming? The blind..

ArchangelMike2955d ago


shovelware that the casual gamer already has on the wii = Fail


ikkeweer2955d ago

Hope it doesn't do the same

Nerd Alert2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

where have i seen Kinetic b4, oh yea here...

if i were Sony, i would be onto my lawyers right now.

ikkeweer2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Whatever they gain in that lawsuit they can pay to nintendo later.

They all copy off eachother, just figuring out where the money is.
EDIT: that's a fake picture right?

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