Xbox 360 Slim Propietary HDD

DualShockers writes, "In a big announcement at E3 today we saw the new Xbox 360 Slim looking all shiny and black coming with wireless N, 250 Gb HDD and a much smaller case. It is available now for all those gamers looking for new hardware but in a look behind the scenes Aaron Greenberg showed how the HDD worked. The HDD on the new system is completely different than the previous iterations and is not a normal laptop HDD that can be easily removed via a bay in the back of the system. Aaron also showed the interface for the Kinect on the back of the system..."

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lokiroo4202868d ago

Shocking, not only proprietary, but new version of proprietary.

JoelT2868d ago

they totally took a page out of sony's book by placing the drive in an accessible bay, then go back to being Microsoft and make it proprietary.

Can't wait until they announce a terabyte drive for $400. /end sarcasm.

whydoyouask2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Labtops have been doing that since way before the PS3. DO you really think they invented it?

Christopher2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

And they had a chance to do something better. Sad to hear this news. Definitely a big con against the new model for me.

The only other question I had was the disc drive, is it still a screamer and a scratcher?

vhero2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Not surprised by this 1 bit if MS can find some way to further rip off customers down the road they will. At least 250gb will last a bit longer than 120gb.

blumatt2868d ago

This was their chance to be consumer friendly. They're always looking for that almighty dollar. They should have made it a standard 2.5 SATA like in the PS3. It's rediculous, really.

MiamiACR2868d ago

One revision later and the PS3 is still the Top dog, P3AY B3YOND XOXOXO

The Wood2868d ago

who wanna put their old hdds on their new smaller's

Christopher2868d ago

You'd have to do a data transfer instead.

vhero2868d ago

yep so no trading in your console with your hard drive for the newer model unless you don't mind losing saves.

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IMChampion2868d ago

I was surprised myself seeing that.

2868d ago
saint_john_paul_ii2868d ago

this makes it even worse for the 360 slim to compete with the PS3, which are both $300.

that means, you still have to go buy an upgrade thru microsoft.

whydoyouask2868d ago

And that doesn't happen with Sony?

djfullshred2868d ago

No, that doesn't happen with Sony. The PS3 owners manual gives instructions on how you can replace HDD yourself with any 2.5" SATA laptop hard drive. The PS3 OS has utilities for doing the data backup/restore when swapping hard drives.

yewles12868d ago

*crumbles to the floor, laughing in hysterics*

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The story is too old to be commented.