E3 Microsoft Press Conference Blog - Regular Reactions From Your Average Gamer

Here’s my liveblog of the Microsoft E3 Press conference, read and enjoy its greatness.

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Obama2774d ago

I wonder if Nintendo will make a joke about MS conference, saying I thought we had a conference yesterday already?

Convas2774d ago

Shouldn't you be out kicking ass and cleaning the gulf Mr. President?

dangert122774d ago

Halo looked amazing
Gears did to

why was cod black ops even there?
why was rising even there

LOL how much do you rekon ms paid for the dlc first exclusive deal?

so irelivent and black ops looked awful the part at the start in the tunnel got my attention then it died when they was playing the chopper mission it was boring and draged

HolyOrangeCows2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

"I’m pretty dissapointed with Kinect and Microsoft’s conference in general. Seems like everything is focused on the casual gamer. Where are my deep story driven games Microsoft?"

My feelings exactly. MS's conference was incredibly meh and their kinect conference was a disaster.

Even GeOW3 looked so set-piece and not like the opened up combat that I appreciated in GeOW1.
And other than the space fighting, the Reach footage was so bland.

swiftshot932774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

It fucking sucked and this isnt even a laughing matter. MGS Rising looks like it was built for the Move for God's sake, and I personally dont care about a 1 month exclusive DLC deal for CoD. Kinect just plain sucked. Its so god damn pathetic when Ubisoft showcases the tech better than MS. Only redeeming factors was the super cool ESPN announcement and the amazing looking Reach. Gears looked very good, too, but Reach stole the show. Fable 3 didnt really do anything for me, honestly they didnt show much.

Overall this conference has me scared shitless cause Im starting to think Sony might have the same focus with the Move and 3D, we've already lost Nintendo and MS, we cant lose Sony.

Iamback2774d ago

Giving free xbox's to journalist is one of most pathetic things i have seen in my life.They knew their press for lackluster so to make it up for them, they gave "gift". That ruins any journalist credentials to anyone who took one. How can you trust that person when he/she is basically bribed? Well played MS, well played.

deafwing2773d ago

... the only way you gamers can get what they want is through consumer purchase .. it will send a clear message to console builders when they cant' meet their bottom line revenue streams ... if gamers just ignore these add-ons, they will kill it.

mgsfan2774d ago

those where some of the most boring hours of my life i mean dam it started off good but when they went on for like 1/2 an hour with no games then f'in skittles comes on ...... i nerly gave up

pat_11_52774d ago

Ya, as you can tell from my "somewhat live" Blog I really was not impressed at all. I expected a lot more out of Kinect, it was just everything the Wii did years ago. Sure it was all better but still more of the same thing.

I was hoping for a new original IP, preferably an FPS. Something like that would have definitely caught my attention. At this point I see no reason for purchasing Kinect.

tdinc2773d ago

360 has NO GAMES!!! LOL

deafwing2773d ago

... wrong man ... you're 360 brothers and sisters are crying man, show some love .. lol

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