New Slim Xbox 360 to hit Europe on July 16th


Graeme Boyd, Xbox Community Manager for Europe, has revealed the European details regarding the newly announced Xbox 360 model.

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dirthurts2899d ago

But not enough to buy a new one...
Looks good.

WhittO2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Wonder if it has different insides that will stop RROD lol, they need to change the inside of the 360 alot more than the casing.

Looks great though.

Also, really MS? Calling it the "Xbox 360 Slim"?! It's basically the same size!

thor2899d ago

Well I would hope that they thought of that... if it uses the same insides, we're going to see a stock recall. Seriously.

ShinMaster2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Well, they made it smaller and with less breathing room.

It's like the ugly offspring between a black Wii and an Alienware PC :P
Jk, jk.

But I still wouldn't buy it if I already had one.

gamerzBEreal172899d ago

as u can see there are holes so it can breathe

ShinMaster2899d ago

Well, good thing they thought of those this time around then, huh!

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Gamerbee2899d ago

Who is their target market here? Everyone who wanted an Xbox already has one. & is not risking RROD headaches again on a new hardware. They just blatantly copied Sony without thinking it through. Typical.

k-Lan2899d ago

"They just blatantly copied Sony without thinking it through"

I can't get enough of these comments. Not too bright are you?
I want one and i have one. AM i the only one? LMAO! so sad...

dawgsfan1172899d ago

Sony did not invent the idea of a slimmer console your moron! Yes they one of several companies that did it over the years. Thats it. Also unless you have spoken to everyone on earth or all MS console sale have reached 0 sold per month I dont think you are qualified to decide if everyone who wants a 360 has one.

I swear this website is full of sony fanboys. I love my PS3 as much as anybody else but I also enjoy my 360.

XactGamer2899d ago

Didn't Sony copy Nintendo and Sega with their slim?

vhero2899d ago

Well I guess I won't be getting one then the hype for me will have probably gone by then. As usual MS show who is more important and that is the US they get it now and UK and Europe gotta wait over a month. A joke really.. Not only that there biggest announcement other than the redesign was ESPN which we won't have in Europe.... Useless utterly useless..

siyrobbo2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

you can get espn in the uk, but it isnt the same, it took over from setanta when it went tits up

AAACE52899d ago

Why does it remind me of something Alienware would come up with? Either way, I like it!

The consoles insides have been redesigned to be cooler and whisper quiet (as he said) and it will have built in wireless N tech. I wonder if the haters will still complain... It doesn't have built in wifi!

I'm going to try to wait, but I will probably be getting one of these shortly!

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sabestar2899d ago

Well, that's pretty late compared to North America.

XtreemGamer2899d ago

Didn't matter.. we here in Europe don't like the xbox. PS3 is mostly what we buy.

silvacrest2899d ago

its coming in 2 days.....

as if its a long wait

dawgsfan1172899d ago

Read before making snide remarks.

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DoomeDx2899d ago

Whats new!

-Slimmer model.
-Build in Wifi
-Bigger HD

WOOOOW build in wifi....
(goes back playing on the PS3)

byeGollum2899d ago

I want one though, just cause I like the Alien look of it =P ... I guess ill be trading in my oldie for this one. I hardly play my sexbox but da*n I want that lol. ppl were moaning bout 360 older hardware... now Microsoft improves the hardware, design and hey, you dont have to buy wifi seperately anymore...

ill give their conference 8/10. it was alright ... now Sony and ninty to go..

DoomeDx2899d ago only buy it for looks?.................

also the hardware remains the same, just with a bigger HD and build in WIFI (which the ps3 already has for 5 years). its not like they've added a 1 gigabye videocard or something.

k-Lan2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

You look like a retard in that pic and your posts kinda make me think my first impression was correct. lol

Hardware remains the same? You sure about that?? lmao! I've been waiting for this for quite some time. I love E3! It pushes the PS fanboys to another level, A more retarded level. LOL. It's true and you know it. Even the mods know it. Bonne journee tout le monde ;)

gamerzBEreal172899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

hits US this week dosen't it? :}

man dude you guys are fanboys this model is $299 has built in wi-fi and a 250 gig harddrive i think im hanging up my sony fanboy hat 360 is starting to look good like it did in 2006-2007 fable3 gears3 halo reach natal looks good this re-model is sexy i dont care what anybody says and this war is getting intresting? its a great fight ps3 with the games 360 with the community man what a great gen of gaming

dawgsfan1172899d ago

Of course people hate to here that both sides have positives and negatives. How dare you.

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