Microsoft E3 2010 Press Conference Roundup

VGB rounds up all the details for the games shown at the Microsoft E3 2010 press conference. Included titles are: Metal Gear Solid: Rising, Gears of War 3, Halo: Reach, free ESPN Sports comes to Xbox Live, Kinect Forza, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, Dance Central, Xbox 360 slim confirmed, and more.

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Theodore872931d ago

It's basically
"Kinectimals is demonstrated on-stage as a cute little girl interacts with an on-screen lion cub. The lion spins when she does, jumps when she does, etc. He also follows her voice commands. She plays jump rope with him by swinging the rope and other pet games."

So yeah, they hail the conference to heaven without any shame.

oldjadedgamer2931d ago

I understand that some people may enjoy the Kinect more than others. But to ignore the lack of a future for hardcore gaming on the 360 is ridiculous. I agree HR, Gears, and Fable all look good/going to be great games. But what about next year? This could be the last big Halo and Gears game. Only 1 new IP?

And you give them an A? Enjoy your casual games, as that is all you are getting from now on.

chiwoo2931d ago

360 owners[one myself] has nothing new to look forward to next year except Gears of war 3.its a bad time to only own a 360

Sheikh Yerbouti2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

OK show, I'd give it a B-, considering everyone's tastes and preferences.

I'm not going to say much about all the good games. Nothing Earth shattering was shown. Too few exclusives, and even next year seems dismal. I knew Gears III was coming, and I will play it. The internet is better than LIVE for my entertainment. Everything else I care about is also on PS3 (To me the Rising reveal was just a Sony intermission). So...

I was actually impressed with Kinect. Kinectimals would be fun for kids, although I couldn't stand the little girl hamming it up like she was actually being licked. Kinect Adventures was cool too, a better party game than Move's, and a repackaging oddly reminiscent of EyeToy (I'm just saying).

Yet there was demonstration that made me a believer, and it isn't Star Wars. To me Kinect is made for fitness games. The 3d camera is practically made for it, but that's not all. Size and weight obsessed women would love to have their dimensions measured to verify their self-esteem or lack thereof. Eddie Murphy's baby's mama, Mel B. from the Spice Girls is going to have a game too. So not only will little girls have issues with their Barbies, they'll have this too. Genius!

However this means that Kinect belongs between ads for Richard Simmons videos and the latest weight loss supplement. Actually it will probably work better than both of those and much better than the camera less Wii. But like all three these women will likely place them in a closet, likely out of guilt.

It was lack of independent movement that was a glaring fail for Kinect, though - something neither Move or the Wii have problems with, thanks to controllers. By a lack of independent movement, I mean you don't have total control over your speed and direction in a game.

It was evident in the Star Wars demonstration as you "force ran" forward to the next wave of assailants. You couldn't decide to duck behind some cover stopping to force push a couple of baddies on the way. I was hoping to see an ingenious way to allow for us to run and turn around. I guess KB was right about the buttons. I didn't even get a "pew pew".

It was evident in the Forza demonstration, where you only could pass cars that were slower than you unless you use boost (Did they have to make them look like Yugo's). Uhm...yeah, fun there. You want intuitive for racing controls, get an actual wheel. The only two games actually promising something for the hardcore will be quite shallow compared to what we're used to.

Kinect will be fun even if it is short-lived. They may even find some way to allow for independent motion, but if they haven't figured it out by now...I guess this is EyeToy 2010, just putting you in a frame or box and spitting red balls, or rails, or fuzzy cute tigers at you.