E3 2010: Microsoft’s Kinect Aimed At Wrong Audience?

The Microsoft conference brought us Kinect (ex-Natal) being used in a number of forms. Pushing the no controller line Microsoft unveiled an exclusive deal with ESPN but this seemed the one of the only use typical ‘hardcore’ gamers would use it for and watching sport isn’t even gaming. There are a number of ways Kinect is aimed away from ‘gamers’ and towards casual player which is a saturated market.......

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MightyMark4272900d ago

Kinect looks like it will aimed more likely to casual gamers than hardcore ones. I dont see myself playing it for hours.

WhittO2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Ye, I wonder how the casuals will take it.

It is nowhere near accurate/precise enough to play a game that requires any sort of skill, its like a Time Crisis style gameplay but using your hands instead of a gun, can't see myself jumping in my room to play these games lol.

Alot of the way you control games with Kinect is the same way as if you had a controller in your hand, but your "pretending" its there, like pretending to hold a steering wheel but controlling it the same way, so you might aswell be actually holding a controller..or something.

Gamerbee2900d ago

Even casual gamers were like wtf...Mr Skiddles??? Seriously!! MS failed.

-Alpha2900d ago

MS aimed Kinect to the right audience. It's just not us.

Fat Bastard2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

hahaha the skiddles thing was obnoxious. the girl was pretty annoying too imo

best part of the conference was without a doubt when kojima left the stage and the other asian guy comes on and goes "radies and gentlemen". I busted my ass laughing for like 5 minutes lol

Vinster2900d ago

Alpha-male22 is right.
I believe this is geared at Wii users that may want next-gen graphics abilities. Nintendo made some incredible sales with motion control, mini games and exercise games. Of course Microsoft and Sony wants that market.

secksi-killer2900d ago


i know my girlfriend is going to want this when she sees it. and i know plenty of casual wii type gamers that will be interested!

but for i will not be touching this or move! i have no interest what-so-ever!

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deadreckoning6662900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

The only game I would play would be the dance game..and maybe the rafting one. On the whole...Kinect is a failure IMO. Also, the fact that no price was announced for it was weird.

JackBNimble2900d ago

Not really weird if you think about it.

I'm sure MS is hoping for the masses to run out and buy the new slim first and then drop the natal/kinect price bombshell. I'm just guessing but I think it will be atleast $100usd.

Red-Dead-Roar2900d ago

i want to STAND UP in my livingroom while playing a racing game ??? for 8 effing hours...? no thanks. I've got an arse.

fatalred alarm2900d ago

Most of us still have a life and don't play 8 hours a day, sorry mate.

ChozenWoan2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Why not...don't you want to waste more energy waving your arms to navigate the menus than to just flick your thumbs.

Positives of MS conference:
1. Voice recognition
----- could have been done with current cam
----- could be the best part of the whole conference hands down
3. Your Shape and Dance Central
----- only good products for Kinect

Cherchez La Ghost2900d ago

It don't get any better than that. Now I can catch some of those NFL games this year.

Awookie2900d ago

Im curious if ESPN will be free cause if it is then that's awesome but if it isn't ill just watch it on cable

Cheeseknight282900d ago

Your shape was the only interesting thing there for me. But I won't buy kinect just for that.

It's rather funny really. Last year I had no interest in move and was excited for natal. But Sony has me by the balls because of Ape Escape.

sikbeta2900d ago

Kinect looks like it will aimed more likely to casual gamers but the thing is If the casual market see some appeal, wii is already gathering dust in almost every casual home, they'll not jump into more motion gaming...

AAACE52900d ago

I'm glad Ubisoft realized what I was talking about! People really do buy alot of fitness crap. And they seem to have figured out a way to make it appeal to alot of people.

Most of you will bad mouth Kinect and it's games, but the best thing about it is nearly everyone can play the games and more importantly, people will lose weight from playing this stuff. Not to mention, girls will be sucked in by the Dancing game.

harrisk9542900d ago

"Even better was the video chat between two ladies one of which was on stage. I’d like to know if Microsoft who claimed this was a new feature had seen the video chat feature on the PlayStation 3?"

It was smart of MS to give away free 360s, because it is the only way they are going to get any love from the gaming press after this lackluster conference.

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MattyF2900d ago

Will have to see what they have planned for the future. Needs more time to develop into its own.

MightyMark4272900d ago

Yea I agree, let's give them a year or so. Let's hope it won't fail!

ikkeweer2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

for hardcore gamers couldn't have hurt them though

plus did I miss Milo or was that kid cancelled?

ghostgaming2900d ago

Milo was off playing his virtual PS3 because he is a hardcore gamer

Graey2900d ago

Now I can agree with that. What they have put out is seriously lacking, but I fear that MS has a great idea, but it is implemented to late in the developmental cycle. By the time Kinect or whatever...gets into full gear it will be time to change consoles. I would think however that perhaps they have an expansion in mind where it would work with the next generation Xbox.

Jason1432900d ago

Even thier website has changed to more social. Im shocked at thier lineup of 2 games exsclusive? Really scary turn here for microsoft. They need to realize everybody who has a wii wont buy this. This has been scene before and microsoft could end up in the trash if they dont cater to the hardcore gamers. This is rather shocking.

MGRogue20172900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

... It's rubbish, You won't see me playing it.. or even buying it :)

002900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

It needs balance, I'm still waiting for a game that could actually use its potential.

andron6662900d ago

But it's worrying that MS have shown no hardcore Kinect titles at all. I mean Sony have shown Move working in Socom 4, but we don't even know if Kinect can do something like that...

002900d ago

It is possible if they have a dev that is committed that's why I was so disappointed in Kinect, everything looked so simple.

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