No Kinect Price At E3, It Seems

[email protected] - "So, the Microsoft event just went down. It was...'active'. It had...'party'. And it sure as hell had...'dance'. But aside from the horribly scripted family meet-ups, it was a good showing. Except..."

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saint_john_paul_ii2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

yea, theres no price on it yet, because they know people who hear the words $120 USD will have a negative effect at the whole thing...

those kinect games themselves dont even warrant a purchase anyway, these games were Horible. I was going to jab my front door key straight towards my neck after watching this crap..

that whole event was the worst..I want my ONE HOUR AND THIRTY MINUTES OF MY LIFE BACK.

HighDefinition2739d ago

They should probaly let people get over how lackluster their entire event was before they go spitting out over priced prices.

HolyOrangeCows2739d ago

Probably because it's very expensive and announcing it at an event would look bad.

hardeep2739d ago

Lol at microsoft fanboys calling "$ony" when it should be Micro$oft as they bought out the audience by giving free 360s to make the conference better and change their opinion.

mugoldeneagle032739d ago

With everyone about the keynote. I thought it was terrible and they had a chance to make it better and blew it.

I also got the feeling that MS not announcing a Kinect price seemed like they were maybe waiting to lower the price? I mean, the peripheral looked complete and final, but then why not? With the backlash the $120 rumors took maybe they got cold feet?

Dramscus2739d ago

that motorised movement it has definitely will come at a premium price point.

Jsynn72739d ago

As soon as he mentioned the launch date I thought he would say the price right after that. Then he just kept talking and I'm like "Price please?". This is a bad sign that the price tag on this things is gonna be heavy.

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ClownBelt2739d ago

Probably try to lower the cost more by removing a few screws here and there to make it "affordable"

nygamer282739d ago Show
chaosatom2739d ago

For MS, Quantity > Quality.

jmare2739d ago

For MS quantity = quality. As routinely referenced by their boastings about sales.

Omega42739d ago

At least this means those pricing rumours were false MS obviously still haven't decided

seany12739d ago

yeah coz they are waiting too see the price of ps move and when they see its gonna be 99 with a camera and game ms are gonna shit themselfs lol coz they cant price natal that low or they will be losing a lot on each sold.

Imperator2739d ago

They probably have. They probably didn't want to announce it because it would have turned a lot of people off. Announcing a price above 100 bucks after that terrible conference would not be a good idea.

nygamer282739d ago

you again????? stop trolling and get laid

bjornbear2739d ago

you look as pathetic as imperator following him around telling him not to troll...

now i risk looking pathetic by having told you this!! DAMNIT! x(

Omega62739d ago

OR maybe the pricing rumors are true and MS knew that they'd make an already retarded e3 conference MORE retarded.

djfullshred2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Product demos without pricing is worthless.

jay22739d ago

I think they've more than decided, just haven't annouced this yet, I can see why lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.