Halo: Reach E3 2010 Gameplay Trailer

Xbox Evolved:

"Going above and beyond is standard operating procedure for the Spartans of Noble Team, but even they weren’t prepared for Operation Uppercut. Backs against the wall and facing the full might of a merciless Covenant invasion force, Noble Six must rely on his unique skill set and his previous involvement in the UNSC’s top secret Sabre program to launch a last ditch surprise attack against the Covenant fleet in the last place they expect to be met by strong resistance. "

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fr0sty2835d ago

looking pretty good. the graphics aren't exactly top notch, but the gameplay looks very solid. i like the space battle at the end.

Gamerbee2835d ago

Wonder how it feels looking at a game as beautiful as Killzone 2 released a year & a half ago. Then looking a reach. A game not yet release, but already lookin dated.

BeaArthur2835d ago

I wonder what it's like to sit on the internet all day trolling instead of being a gamer.

Marquis_de_Sade2835d ago

Graphics may impress initially, but gameplay will keep me coming back time after time, in this respect, Halo wins every time for me personally, I don't expect everyone to share this opinion, but graphics really aren't everything.

HolyOrangeCows2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

It looked sort of bland until the space fighting...and that lasted for what, 3 seconds?

UltraNova2835d ago

Ok to be frank this looks like Halo 3 only shinier.

Same flat surfaces, same robotic animations and worst of all same lighting as halo 3.

Gameplay looks solid as all Halo games did before. But I have to play it first to be sure.

It doesnt even compare to Cod4 let along Killzone 2.

SaberEdge2835d ago

Huh? The graphics are a lot better than Halo 3. The lighting, effects and even textures all have seen noticeable improvements. It's easily one of the best looking shooters around.

UltraNova2835d ago

You my friend are easily impressed...

Just shy of 3 years later and thats the best they can do? Noticeable difference?

I guess what I've seen on another console spoiled me..

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KiwiSplodgeFace2835d ago

The graphics don't really matter, as long as the gameplay is good, I'll be happy.

Cevapi882835d ago

lack of enemies surprised me...i counted 4 or 5 that came out of those drop pods...and then a few towards the building to see space battles....but it would be nice if there was an option to switch to cockpit view and the ship as whole...i wonder what other levels they could include in the game....underwater?? air battles-dog fights??

SixZeroFour2835d ago

your judging the whole campaign after a min and 49 secs of footage?, even less than that from the way they edited it

-Ikon-2835d ago

I agree on the graphics thing but seemed like the environments where lacking. Not much in the surroundings. Maybe so the can pull more polys on other things?

GameOn2835d ago

I actually thought it looked brilliant. Might even beat Combat Evolved.

Inside_out2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Looked great...that level went forever...such great level design...ALWAYS...Bungie incredible...Space graphics looked so crisp and detailed...Music was awesome as well...

The only problem was going after Gears...C'mon...I LOVE halo but Gears is from another planet...nothing this gen on consoles will get close...M$ better buy that IP and let Epic handle the developing...Gears just layed a beatdown on Sony with that beast...Sony needs to but that IP if they

Overall a great presentation...Sony and Nintendo next...

ABizzel12835d ago

I think it looks good, not the best graphics ever, but it does look good. This may be the first Halo I actually buy day 1.

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D3adcell2835d ago

can't wait for this to come out.

BeaArthur2835d ago

Same here, can't wait for September.

hamoor2835d ago

Space battles in star fox style FTW :)

RedDragan2835d ago


And what's the deal with the view outside the spaceship at the end? Space battles should only be done through a cockpit view... it multiplies epicness by a factor of 10!

Independent_Charles2835d ago

yeah good idea actually but the space battles are multiplayer. REMEMBER YOU HEARD IT FROM ME 1ST!

RedDragan2835d ago

"space battles are multiplayer"

A woefully underdone thing on consoles. With the dedicated servers (and intergrated) it would guarantee players.

GameOn2835d ago

Halo vehicles are always 3rd person I believe.

ElementX2835d ago

If you only see the cockpit, you have limited visibility around you. 3rd person is better for flight, just look at WarHawk.

RedDragan2835d ago

Yeah. What about Warhawk? I loved the game but still think space battles should be about cockpot views. Especially for PS3 as they have the sixaxis controls which could be used for viewing. With 1:1 mapping to either the steering or the point of view it would be out of this world.... excuse the pun there.

Take a look at X3: Terran Conflict.

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