Xbox 360 Arcade Goes Down To $149

GT: Aaron Greenberg just confirmed that Xbox 360 Arcade will retail for $149 USD.

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-Alpha2957d ago

It's not expensive, it's just not worth it. No hard drive= what's the point?

HighDefinition2957d ago

It a plus for those living in poverty.

120FPS2957d ago

My six year old son has an arcade, he still enjoys playing with just a memory card. Not ever gamer needs hard drives, wifi etc

lodossrage2957d ago

Even though I agree with Clownbelt and Alpha, for some reason I found that comment funny.

"Still expensive"

"really???....your a bum!"

lol...Maybe I'm just bored at work or whatever, but I found humor in that. So if nothing else, thanks for helping pass the time

tplarkin72957d ago

For $210, you can be playing Xbox 360 with the game of your choice. For another $7, you can test out the Gold membership on Xbox Live (or, you could get a 48-hour free test).

HolyOrangeCows2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Until they're out of old models, that is.

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-Ikon-2957d ago

Plus another $200+ needed in extras just to game right.

Anorexorcist2957d ago

yet to get it up to par (and into the 21st century) with regard to technology and features, it still would cost more.

LaChance2957d ago

Nobody wants an arcade anyway. I'll be getting the new 360 later on this year, looks slick.

castdreams2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

they're practically giving those things away. Since I already use my PS3 for a media center and live too far out to get broadband internet, I would consider buying an arcade 360 just so I can play Halo, Gears and Mass Effect.

Independent_Charles2957d ago

cant you see its aimed at people that might play it for maybe 4 hours a week?

Mista T2957d ago

its expensive because it has no hdd or wi fi!

Elvfam5112957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Whats gonna happen to the Elite? Is it staying or getting wiped out?

sak5002957d ago


it's cheap... $699

NY_State2957d ago

You're getting ripped off.

zeeshan2957d ago

Is it a perm price cut or for the old models only? $149 is a good price point!

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Fiona2957d ago

wthouth a hd is almost useless!

BLADE_X82957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

I'm not sure if it has one or not, Greenberg didn't say. This new model looks good, and i relly do want Mass Effect 2 and Alan Wake. Just worried about RROD nobody really addressed if this new slim 360 will have newer parts.

Dante1122957d ago

Should be more like $99 instead....with 5 years of warranty for the RROD.

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The story is too old to be commented.