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basicsameh5142681d ago

this is a very smart move for Microsoft..

mushroomwig2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

It's always smart when you copy an idea that worked.

Disagrees? Why? I'm not doing any bashing here, I'm merely stating a pretty obvious fact that it's a smart thing to copy an idea that has been proven to work.

Vo_Cal2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

This site is so lame these days.. Everyone is so negative when it comes to the other console. JUST PLAY GAMES AND STFU!!!


I KID U NOT. I have not seen an article from the MS Conf 2day where the first two comments weren't trolls.

Are you getting paid for every damn console that Sony or MS sells? If not, STFU and crawl back into ur box.


LaChance2681d ago

I guess Sony copied achievments, HDD on a console, online, the media button in the middle of the controller...the list can go on forever.

Sounds stupid huh ?

RememberThe3572681d ago

You must not have been here long. It's always been like this.

hamoor2681d ago

History lesson:Atari is the first company to make a redesign for their console

siyrobbo2681d ago

exactly, copying Atari was definitely the way to go

catguykyou2681d ago

Yep worked great for atari, sega, nintendo, and Sony when they did it. Just like all of them it will work great for them. I mean they will all have hard drives and wifi. This is only going to be good for microsoft.

WhittO2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

I think it looks great.

Wonder how well it actually works haha.

Looks better than the PS3 Slim (which I don't like the look of), but atleast Sony shrunk the PS3 ALOT and gave it all new insides like smaller processors, silent operation with smaller fan etc, this looks like a normal 360 with a nice case).

Shows how Sony is really a great Hardware Company first.

Cherchez La Ghost2681d ago

Remember the HD for the PS2 with Final Fantasy?! The only thing I had for it was a one DLC map for SOCOM 2. Was the xbox the first to have a built-in HD?

sikbeta2681d ago

It looks better than the original...

catguykyou2681d ago

Vo-cal, lately, the trend tends to swing in strong favor of Sony when console sides are picked on this site. Just pick through the bull to find the news. It really doesn't matter how negative people are ( no matter what console they support). It won't change anything regarding games coming out or how fun they are. Enjoy what they refuse to.

ElementX2681d ago


I agree, definitely A TON of hate towards MS. Hell, I sold my 360 well over a year ago and I still respect the 360. Everybody is so hyped up on Sony (I am also) that they have to talk sh!t about the competition. Why can't everyone just be civil?

Arnon2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

People like you are the reason why we cant have nice things. The console looks amazing, and has a great piano black finish to it. Not to mention it's smaller, quieter, and comes with a built in 802.11N WIFI adapter and a 250 GB HDD.

Just for references...

diatom2681d ago

I really like the new black WII... I mean 360...

mushroomwig2681d ago


You're letting your fanboyism take over, I never once said that the slim 360 didn't look nice because it does look nice.

By posting that picture you've actually just confirmed even more what I'm saying, companies will copy something that was proven to be a good idea.

Arnon2681d ago

That was the point. All companies copy each other.

mushroomwig2681d ago


I never said otherwise, try reading correctly next time.

ThanatosDMC2681d ago

They cant call it Slim though.

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Bnet3432681d ago

Looks sexier next to the beasty PS3. Glossy PS3, glossy 360, glossy TV. Very nice.

RememberThe3572681d ago

I looks great and it seems they have corrected many of the mistakes of the first model. Now they need to give us a Price for Kinect.

LionheartAce2681d ago

If sexy was the result of an alienware pc having sex with an Xbox and then the baby threw up... then yeah...

Brewski0072681d ago

about a year or two too late though in my opinion. Shouldve been launched last year.
With no price drop it'll be interesting to see what sony produce to counter it. They could lower the price, or have a nice Move bundle arranged.

madmonkey02681d ago

yep, but pricing it the same as the ps3 was a bad move, ps3 is still better, and now its the same price. easier choice to make.

PoSTedUP2681d ago

built in kinect... i think if they market this it will sell, it will look so cool to normal casual people on t.v. especially kids

not me though, not my type of games. well see if this new 360 has a hardware problem, i hope not, they didnt say anything about new guts, it could be the same hardware just with wifi ya know....

poopface12681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

It offers a better value for 300$ then the Elite. Also, It has wireless N which actually surprised me as its microsoft here.

Ill stick with my Jasper for now but I might break it in a year when my BB warranty is up to get the new one.

CWMR2681d ago

Sony copied tons of stuff from Microsoft, so if "copying" something as obvious as a product redesign is copying, so be it.

It is a very good move in any case.

Projekt7tuning2681d ago

I wonder if the hard drive is interchangeable? Also I wonder if it has a transfer cable or if they plan on selling one?

MEGANE2681d ago

glossy black(better late than never) 3 usb on the back, and it looks like the power cord its only two hole plug small meaning power adapter build in? i guess...well looks better...hopefully there is more quality on it.

madmonkey02681d ago

I don't think it will be tbh. It would be quite a risk after the original reliability problems.

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Monk3y2681d ago

man... its kinda ugly...

ikkeweer2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

Just hope this one works as well as the PS3 does this time.
It's not my new girlfriend, so looks aint that important to me.

hamoor2681d ago Show
CWMR2681d ago

It looks awesome in my opinion and definitely better than the PS3 slim.

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MGRogue20172681d ago

fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap :D

tawak2681d ago

i'll wait for the gunei pigs to fall for this one 1st, for 1st gen hardware flaw is eminent as always