Microsoft Surprises E3 Conference Atendees With A Free Xbox 360 (New Model)

How will Sony top this? Microsoft has just surprised everybody attending the Microsoft press conference by giving every single one the attendees a brand new modeled Xbox 360.

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AliTheBrit192901d ago

Pretty awesome, lucky SOBs!

deadreckoning6662901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

It was a well deserved gift for sitting in that awful conference. With the exception of Dance Central game...every other game was just underwhelming.
And no price drop? The 360 should have been $200 since last year for the simple fact that it came out ONE WHOLE year before the PS3 and its has no Blu-ray.

All fanboyism aside...that conference from a gamers perspective wasn't good.

@Guntrol- Okay, gamer to gamer, was there anything you saw that blew you away? I'm still in shock of what just happened right now so I'm srry if I seem angry.

For me, Gears 3 and Reach only looked a LITTLE bit better than previous games. Rising was WAAAAY to slow paced for an action game when compared to Bayonetta and GOW3.

The best game they showed IMO was Black Ops..and that to me, is not cool. I will NEVER eva, eva eva eva buy a 360 after the s**tfest I saw today.

@cgoodno- But the thg is, the 360 isn't a casual console. The wide majority of Wii owners will NOT pay $400-450 to make the Move to Kinect..not gunna happen. Personally, I think Kinect will be the biggest entertainment flop this generation. What happened to the hardcore games we were supposed to see?

Hideo_Kojima2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

scrap that...

reading bellow made me realize...

MS went casual dam it they have this thing that always makes me want to buy a 360 after their conferences though

@deadreckoning666 yeah sorry I got pulled onto the hype train... but you guys lassoed me off.

ATLGAMER2901d ago

u will hear about this for days to come....and it was very bad

Christopher2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

Far from a bad conference. The only problem I had was some of the scripted Kinetic events, but otherwise they delivered a very well-rounded conference that tackled pretty much every current target audience member and the new casual market.

1. Only a few third-party items and got them out of the way quickly.

2. Hit right into hardcore gaming with the big titles and a completely new reveal from Crytek.

3. ESPN is a huge win for them. People spend hundreds of dollars a year for this sort of programming via Cable or Satellite. Now it only costs them $50 a year and they get additional social functionality.

4. Casual market gamers were not bad. There were some annoying scripted elements, but the Ubisoft display itself showed why your wife might take over your living room. Most hardcore gamers may not be interested in it, but that was a very well done showing of doing a hands-free exercise game. The first-party titles were generic and not that exciting, but third-parties like that since it means they won't have additional competition.

5. New Xbox slim for $299. Old elites now $249. Old arcades now $149.

They touched on everything.

Edit: I expect a lot of disagrees for this because people here are so focused on hardcore gaming, but from a business perspective, this was about as solid as you can get for conferences. Sony has their work cut out for them.

omi25p2901d ago

it was aimed at casual gamers like microsoft said a bazzilion times

Gamerbee2901d ago

They started this. MS is playing catch up.

pxpxp2901d ago

they knew it would be the only way to surprise the crowd

zeeshan8102901d ago

Can't wait for Sony Conference. :P

hoops2901d ago

It was not great either.
MS did this conference for the casual crowd only.
This was done for shareholders and to increase the base of sales. Thats it. Natal or whatever they call it will sell like boat loads to the Woo crowd. That was their intention.
Sony's conference is going to be so much better without blinking

Information Minister2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

@ ATLGAMER - The conference was terrible, but you will not hear about it for days to come. The free Xbox Slim will make sure of that.

Kahvipannu2901d ago

There is price drop, 50 dollars off to old models.

Brewski0072901d ago

Its the first one ive ever seen live and if that wasnt a bad conferance i'd hate to see what a bad one is then. I thought they shouldve got kinect out of the way FIRST , then focused on halo , gears and forza after that. Kinect went on too long and by the end it was boring.
The conferance call between 2 "sisters" was terrible to watch and i muted it. The gift at the end was a light at the end of the tunnel for them I bet. Very nice to be in the audience no doubt.

HBK6192901d ago

So what was it? That was a terrible conference. It started well (if unspectacularly, shoving Kojima off stage was the first sign of WTF are they doing?) and then they brought on Kinect and the show turned to drivel. Was truly terrible from that point on and it really did downgrade the rest of the show.

If that wasn't a bad conference for you. Then you're going to be amazed at the others...

talltony2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

Now the press is going to give biased reactions just because they got a free xbox. Still I wouldn't mind to be in that audience right now.

If I could describe that confrence in one statement it would have to be

"smoke and mirrors"

did you see that dance game or that scripted star wars game? You can fool the dummies but you cannot fool me!

Pennywise2901d ago

Deadreckoning... for the first time ever from me: +Bubbles. Thank you for speaking the truth.

Gamers lost big time today. MS went casual.

Its almost like the 3 usual suspects only showed up to appease us Hardcore... Other than that, I will see you guys on the PS3.

_vx2901d ago

it was the only move to counter the negative side of the epic fail conference..

Trollimite2901d ago

that dance game was rigged. those people dance reguardless of how you dance.

kinda like that wii game.

captain-obvious2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

the WORST E3 I've ever see in my life
the only thing that I kinda liked is
1- that crytek game but we still need to see more
2- the new xbox
which I was disappointed when they announced the price
and i wont call it a slim since its not
its about the same size of the old one

i mean there is already a wifi and 250 GB bundle
all they do was remake that bundle

everything else was Gears 3 . halo reach and fable3
along side NATAL games that we alredy know about since yesterday

the only thing that's new is that ubisoft sportgame
by the way when I saw ubisoft's logo
i was like OMG here comes a NATAL hardcore game
and then again I got disappointed

and yes there was lag in NATAL demo's
that was a weak E3 from MS's side

im not American so I don't care about ESPN but it dose sound cool
and the new NATAL dash bored is straight up wii interface rip-off

the ONLY thing i really liked was the NATAL voice command and movie control demo
which show that this kind of device is more suitable for those kind of things more than gaming

CryWolf2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

WHAT THE HELL!!! a 360 slim why would MS make a slim version of a mass up console for didn't a lot of people just buy a 360 that still calling big problems overheating now we have to deal with a new RROD slim now.

And the Microsoft E3 Conference was very disappointing using Natal for most of there games, O wait I mean kinect and that Star Wars game looked out of date in the graphics department.

WhittO2901d ago

Dance central wasn't live, she was making moves that it just ignored, like when she lifted her head up and down and it didn't do anything.

Feel like I'm hating in every thread, but I was expecting big things from MS, especially since they have been so quiet before the conference!

I didn't expect a bunch of fake game-play videos, 80% of the conference to be Kinect, Gears 3 (already knew), Fable 3 (already knew), Halo Reach (already knew), Metal Gear Rising & COD - multiplats...

I would also bet money that most of them "Kinect" games wont be playable on the floor, so it will be the Dodge-ball game with another random haha.

jakethemuss2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

It is all outsourced. Therefore would require an extra margin on top. In console production Sony as the cost advantage due to manufacturing being internal and combined with their other electronics have economies of scale.

IMO the ps3 probally costs sony less to produce than the 360 does for MS.

Snakefist302901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

Dude last u told tat god of war 3 sucks and gayonetta is best and ur telling tat god of war 3 is

NY_State2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

"With the exception of Dance Central game"

That game has to be the gayest thing ever created by man.

"Look kids now you too can learn how to dance like a drunken sweaty gay man at a bar looking for a one night stand. All thanks to MS, the Xbox, Natal and Dance(Gay) Central."


Lifendz2901d ago

but I gotta agree. No price drop for the 360? (new model should've been 199.99). C'mon MS. You can't be the same price as the PS3. You just can't. And MS is already charging 50 bucks per year for online. That alone should allow them to sustain a 199.99 price point.

Kinect wasn't horrible but where's the price? Outside of the Ubisoft game (which I may be partial to because they bumped Poison), all the other games looked unimpressive at best. They could've allievated all of that by stating Kinect is 99.99.

Gotta make you a little nervous about how much Kinect is going to cost. They're really pumping this thing up big. I wouldn't be surprised if they went for 199.99 and up.

And why are people jumping for joy when a feature is "free for gold members?" Shouldn't that go without saying?

loslonelyman2901d ago

Bubble 4 You...for once we are in total agreement!

Crystallis2901d ago

that was one of the most respectable comments you made thus far. Bubbles up for that.

Christopher2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

***But the [thing] is, the 360 isn't a casual console.***

In Microsoft's world, it is now. I'm not agreeing with the direction they're taking it, but their conference spoke very well to all of their intended audiences in one way or another. At least IMHO.

ThanatosDMC2901d ago

So they bribed them with a new console?! Wow, that's an awesome way to get them on their good side. HAHAHAH!

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Imperator2901d ago

LOL, just like always. MS had a horrible conference so they give away "gifts"

Independent_Charles2901d ago

how can they win lol. if microsoft didnt give anything your lot would say that their greedy and dont deserve support. when they give stuff away they are desperate. stupid whinos

pxpxp2901d ago

wow they just screwed all the ppl who bought an xbox in the past 2-3monts cus they had to buy wifi adapters and other sh!t. Thats the problem with unveiling and making it available right away. Expect a lot of xbox returns in the next week. They were greedy and screwed consumers so their weekly sales would not go down (not that they were that high anyways).

dirthurts2901d ago

Don't like it? Don't buy anything...
I paid 300 dollars for my video card.
Now it's 129 with a free game. You don't see me complaining.


You misused the term "whino". A whino is actually a drunk, not a whinner as in someone who whines or complains.

dtalon32901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

your funny...please go buy a console right now take it home and open it...and then try to return it today, I dare you. Good luck to anyone who thinks a retailer is going to return a "working" system just because you want something else new and shiny that came out, let alone a system that is working and a month or so old.

Its people like you that make working retail one interesting business to be involved in. Maybe people should look around online and read up on the product they are going to purchase. Sometimes "rumors" are around and if you can't wait a few months to see if they are true...well then tough shit. impatient gamers = stupid consumers.

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Shani2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

yes.. free console for coming..
nice freebie..

Edit: and I heard most applause when he annouced free new xbox 360 for all attendees.


to spike this months NPD sales!!!! Come on 2,000 more 360 has been added to the monthly sales...GO MS!!!!!!

Wow! Besides Gears 3 the conference was extremely boring and dissapointing.

I have lost all my hopes in Kinect... as I said all I want is Gears baby!! Ohh and the new 360 model looks kool but it would have been cheaper.


ThanatosDMC2901d ago

I know! Hell, i'd be clapping too if i got a free console after those disappointments.

Stuart57562901d ago

Lucky people, meanwhile we get left with nothing. NOTHING!

Mista T2901d ago

it was a borefest and you could see the how people were bored because of the lack of applause near the end until they were told they were getting free xboxes

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32901d ago

Thats some bullshit! They get it for free? BULLSHIT!!! I'm pissed!

jerethdagryphon2901d ago

this is twice ms has bribed an audience with freebees of value

a week or so ago there was a natal demo on some show the aduence gets natal

now the new xbox for press

sad thing is theres little opertunity for the press to cash in and ebay em for qa bomb cause of the release date

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32901d ago

I was already a little pissed for being at work and not being able to see 95% of the show, but this put me over the edge.

Independent_Charles2901d ago

lucky sobs i want one. agggghhhhhhhh i want one!!!!

bruddahmanmatt2901d ago

Honestly I'd expect something for free after being forced to watch MS attempt to peddle an Eyepet clone, a glorified web cam and a cable box that only catches ESPN.

Kahvipannu2901d ago

Actually I tought the pet game was pretty cool, for kids I mean. Dance game and Forza support looked cool too, but.. Sport game looked like a Wii-title, and the "adventure" game looked pretty simple too. SW game looked like simple fun too, but can't judge yet that one..

bruddahmanmatt2901d ago

The problem I have is that MS is straight ripping off Eyepet without adding anything meaningful in the process. Yes, Sony jacked the Wiimote from Nintendo with Move but in the process SCE gave Move ridiculous accuracy in conjunction with HD and 3D and the potential to do what folks originally wished the Wii could have at launch. I am aware that Sony has recently created a handful of games which you could classify as "Nintendo clones" or "Ninendo homages" in ModNation Racers (Mario Kart) and 3D Dot Game Heroes (Legend of Zelda) but these games didn't just copy their forebears pixel by pixel, they added so much to them with a crazy amount of customization options. The "little girl and her tiger" was a straight rip of Eyepet.

Kahvipannu2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

Whoa, whoa! When did I mention Sony or Nintendo, or anything that? Almost every game/gadget is based/copyed from something else, no need for comparisons in this discussion.

All I was saying it looked cool for kids, rip-off or not. And Sports literally looked like Wii game, if it wasn't in MS show, I wouldn't had guessed it was 360.

bruddahmanmatt2901d ago

I think you're reading into it a bit too much. All I was doing was explaining my disdain for what MS showed at E3. I was simply giving an example of "imitation done right" versus "imitation done worse than what your imitating" that's all. No harm, no foul. :)

Kahvipannu2901d ago

Yeah, I see now what your comment was about, and I kinda agree. Innovation is rare these days.. But I believe every console needs it's own eyepet, mario-kart, crash bandicoot, halo, Kratos, Turismo, and so on heh. I'm just happy that if I want game like that, I have an option to pick it up to console I own.

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Microsoft Xbox 3602901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

It was a bribe for witnessing that horrific conference. Absolutely no new unannounced games and no hardcore gameplay with Kinect.

-Ikon-2901d ago

This is how MS gets exclusive review scores up. Goody bag anyone?


Eddie201012901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

Great way to bribe the media and yes I'm mad that I am not getting one and will be stuck with my clunky old Xbox 360.

The conference had a couple good moments, but I will say that I am glad that it is over.

karl2901d ago

but with that xbox they recognize all the defects from the previous one

the NOISE the HEAT the SIZE the RROD!!!!!! ahaah

well everything he mention and everything he didnt mention

Lou-Cipher2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

Microsoft had no choice but to bribe the audience. If they didn't give away free stuff, thet would have been eaten alive by the media for having the worst E3 in Microsoft history.

Giving/Bribing the media will lessen some of the hostility from the media, but it wont trick the general public into believing it was a awful show. (especially for the hardcore)

Microsoft & the 360 is turning into the biggest joke in gaming.

dtalon32901d ago

right...because every other gaming company has always made great decisions...also no other company has ever had an "underwhelming" E3 conference.

if M$ was the biggest joke in gaming the industry would not adapt so much to mesh well with them. Get over your bias M$ has brought just as much to the table this generation as sony and nintendo have. Maybe not things that you particularly care about but for millions of other people they have delivered...thats the benefit of having a choice in Products and having competition among them.

SubZero2901d ago

Lol this does nothing for the rest of the gaming world. Love the title of this article.

Top it? Just show some new games. Easy win for sony if they play right

Andronix2901d ago

Having watched it I was stunned that the entire focus was the Kinetics stuff. I mean demo after demo of party game crap. Microsoft normally have great E3s but that was one of the worst.

Giving away a free 360 to all attending journos is fantastic PR. But will they all now write how brilliant the Kinetics is?

gtamike1232901d ago

I beat they buy friends to

TheDeadMetalhead2901d ago

Microsoft loses E3 forever.

- Shooter rehash
- Good RPG
- Good Shooter but still a rehash
- Shooter rehash
- Bunch of Eyetoy crap that has nothing to do with video games
- New Xbox, 6% smaller and 60% more likely to RROD
- Also MGSR and some Crytek game

That was just painful to watch.

BulletToothtony2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

i'd be running my ass to post it on ebay...!!

on topic.. this is crazy.. i'll tell you what.. MS conference might've been underwhelming but throw in a gift and b4 u know it people are ready to praise them somehow..

MS might've forgotten about the hardcore but they know damn well how to advertise and make sure they cover their asses..

You cannot think that MS didn't realize this thou..

This is what they thought...

We got a strong and big hardcore fanbase.. and they're not going anywhere.. now let's look at the WII and how they don't care AT ALL about hardcore gamers and they're making millions and millions of money.. so let's go ahead and do the same thing..

Kinect it's not for the hardcore.. that's obvious.. it's simply to attract people who walk around at walmart that don't care AT ALL about video games and make them buy an xbox...

Not nice for the fanbase but good strategy for casual market..

even thou at that price.. most people will still buy a WII.. i dunno how this will turn out.. my first guess is that MS will drop the price of the Kinect in about a month at the latest.

himdeel2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

...was like seeing really bad community theater in a large auditorium with less than 10 people present and all 10 didn't want to be there. The audience just seemed lethargic and uninvolved. This was a horribly bad show.

Gears 3 was nice looking, Halo was...well Halo, and Kinect just seemed ridiculously too engaging. The second they started running for that track and field game I IMMEDIATELY had a flash back to the Nintendo Power Pad and thought to myself I rather go outside and run.

Likewise running in place seemed like WAAY too much work :( Kinect isn't for casual folks. It's going to be for a new group of gamers yet to be identified, and you can quote me on this. If Nintendo has taught us nothing is that people barely want to flail their arms around and play games so I know they DONT really want to get off the couch.

EDIT: I think they missed an opportunity to really show something different with Kinect :(

dtalon32901d ago

when did nintendo teach us arm flailing is bad?

seems to me millions of people arm flail all the time with how many fucking WII's are sold...dont get me wrong I am not defending the flailing...I am just saying don't under estimate the power and willingness of alcohol driven arm flailing

himdeel2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

...just akward looking lol. Basically I feel that the Wii gamer MS is hoping to attract probably wont buy into Kinect because they have to get their whole bodies moving.

MS needs to get Oprah to buy into the Kinect if they really want to see if fly off the shelves. If they say you can use Kinect to loose weight it's all OVAH!

dtalon32901d ago

agreed oprah endorsement would hit the spot for M$ target she would probable buy a bunch and give them out for free too!

can I get a ticket I want a new slim 360!

mugoldeneagle032901d ago

But I would almost go as far as say this was kind of pathetic. It was almost like Microsoft knew their conference was weak and wanted to give out free slims to try and make up that difference. THIS is the kind of stuff I don't like in the industry.

I'm not gonna go as far as to talk about all the review-bribing, it may happen it may not, but I thought this was hilarious.

Saigon2901d ago

This means they won the conference because they gave away free redesign machine that cost the same price...

raztad2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

Free XBOXs=MS wins E3? MS knows how to deliver.

The COD:BO part sucks for COD lovers on the PS3 but if something I've learned is COD gamers can endure anything. So it wont be a huge deal.

$150 xbox is a nice incentive. The cheaper PS3 is twice the price, it can make a difference for buyers on a very tight budget.

ABizzel12901d ago

Can you say DESPERATE to win a something that's not even a competition. E3 is about the games, not what site is going to rate which company had the best conference.

Come on MS.