Microsoft Confirms New Xbox 360 - Pricing and Date confirmed

Microsoft have confirmed that the new Xbox 360 is the real dea. It has also be confirmed that the 250GB will appear as well as the built in wi-fi.

It's priced at $299.99 and is released today.

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Simon_Brezhnev2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

they are exactly copying Sony now.

So nintendo has a 250gb hard drive and built in wi-fi and its black?

-Alpha2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

Nintendo did the same thing before PlayStation even existed. Just because it's synonymous with PlayStation doesn't mean Sony "Created" releasing slim models. Let's not fight over creation wars, it's petty.

Edit: No, Nintendo had slim models of consoles of the past too. Is MS not allowed to have bigger hard drives, built-in Wifi and change color schemes? You people complain about it being a crappy product and when it finally decides to add more features you say it copies Sony.

And who cares? The new model looks great. Too bad the rest of the E3 was terrible. We knew about the new 360, the features already existed on the damn PS3 since launch, and Kinect was like a virus that took over every hope I had for the press conference. Nothing interested me, I wasn't surprised by anything, Kinect took up way too much time, the games weren't games, I can care less about Forza support, and I STILL don't know how much Kinect costs, not that I want it.

I don't mean to get people mad, but I really was upset with it. I KNEW MS was going to make Kinect more than a gaming product and treat it like a social tool, but guess what? Sony had things like video chat already on the PS3, I mean, what gamer wants this crap? I'm not even a bloody sports fan. It's a social tool, not a gaming device, not until I see more hardcore games. I had so much hope E3 would please me for Kinect, but it didn't. My God, everything was so disappointing. The Halo and Gears gameplay was nothing new, absolutely nothing genuinely made me look forward to the rest of the year.

More exclusive COD DLC? The gameplay was boring as hell.
Trailers of COD and MGS Rising? They are multiplats, right?
Professional dancers in that Dance game? That game looked way too advertised for "casual" gamers
Fitness games by Ubisoft?
Chatting with people?

Casual Hell. I don't even want to see tomorrow's conference on Kinect, it's just a show for the mass media. MS is trying to take the Xbox and make it more than a gaming device and Kinect is the tool to do that.

And sorry if I'm ranting, and I'm sorry if I'm not praising anything, but that's what I thought. I mean really, where are the new XBL Features? Free ESPN? Hurray! /s I hate sports.

Where are the new IPs? Granted, that Crytek game looked really great, but it was a tease. And I sure as hell don't think that is a Kinect game either, which just goes to show how Kinect is going to split and branch off the Xbox as a product. This was 10 Years of Xbox, and everything was underwhelming.

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Parapraxis2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

Looks like my 299$ guess was right ;)
I really expected 2 HDD SKUs, pretty surprised.

Alpha, they dropped the price of the current Elite to 249$, so you should call your Best Buy or wherever you got your new elite, and ask what your options are, refund some cash or switch to the new model.

WhittO2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

They tried to buy people with all them 360s so hopefully they would write positive press etc on their sites and forget that totally boring/cringe-worthy conference.

Although the new 360 does look really great, lol not much smaller though and we will see if that is quieter/reliable.

EDIT: So Its going for $299, the current ELITE = $249 and Arcade = $149

Sony Always Wins2621d ago

Why is it that Microsoft always copies Sony? I hope the new xbox doesn't Red Ring 33% of the time.

InfectedDK2621d ago

Boring conference..!
"Freeee xbaaaaax for aaall.." - He JUST saved it.. Wow..

mittwaffen2621d ago

Apple, Rim, Sony...MS.

Whats your point? Its common business practice.

qface642621d ago

this conference was sooo boring everyone in attendance only got excited about getting a free 360

oh yeah they are sooo stealing the show at this E3..... NOT

even the 360 fanboys can deny this boredom

DEA Fresh2621d ago

Or I would jump all over this. Nice design and a fair price

Godmars2902621d ago

Internet, HDD and even a floppy before the notion of CD ever went public, the faicom had all of that.

claterz2621d ago

The new 360 = Exactly what the 360 should have been since launch.

Cevapi882621d ago

dance central was the only game for kinect that actually looked fun and interesting...they didnt have the star wars game demo...just the video...nothing much for core gamers...but a lot of stuff for casual gamers

Information Minister2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

Alpha's right. Nintendo and Sega did it years before Sony. The redesign was definitely the highlight of MS's conference. I'm just curious if it's compatible with the current hard drives.

BTW, I love how they announced that the system will be available immediatly. It's like a trip back in time to Sega's 1995 E3.

secksi-killer2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )


gears, fable and halo looked great, then they went and nearly made me fall asleep by dedicating the show to "kinetic" lol

kinetic = no buy. and the games lol

and then i thought they was going to announce forza4 for next year and boom, more controller free crap.

edit: you know what, i have a feeling this years e3 by sony and microsoft is going to be ruined. and i will tell you why i think that... yes sonys keynote will also show some awesome games and hopefully have a date for gt5, but then they will go and dedicate a massive slice of their conference to move....motion crap.

yes both sony and microsoft have/will show us games, but their main focus is undermining nintendo..

oh well, now we will just have to wait and see what all the other 3rd devs and pubishers are upto over the next few days.

chins up gamers that dont want to waste their money on another used-for-a-week motion sensing gimmick!

sikbeta2621d ago

Well, at least they confirm the new model, $299, I was expecting a lower price, a Couple of Real Exclusives, DLC WTF? and Multiplats, every person who watched was Expecting More after what happened yesterday....

PoSTedUP2621d ago

i thought the confrence was alright. kinect* has some cool stuff and even though it dosent appeal to me, it will sell, all MS has to do is market it and millions of parents will but their kids one, just like the wii. the excersize stuff will sell aswell.

for me thought their E3 really didnt attract me to the 360, i was hoping for it to be better.

the new 360 is cool but im not going to buy it untill it is proven it wont break right away. was hoping for a lot of exclusive games not just gears halo and fable.

i cant wait to see what nintendo has bc they kept quiet (maybe wii HD?) and sony with their exclusive games and 3D and MOVE and maybe new PSP2 and maybe some new hardware.

hot-sauce2621d ago Show
mugoldeneagle032621d ago

I don't have a 360 or Wii, has had my PS3 since launch, but I'm always completely open to getting a 360. I'd play Gears, Fable and Mass Effect in a heartbeat. And I was going into todays keynote with that mindset expecting to be shown games I would want, and wow was I disappointed.

MG Rising was the best thing they showed, and I can already play that. Gears and Halo was strong, but not strong enough. And everything, EVERYTHING after that was over the top casual family games. I'll admit I enjoyed the voice recognition, and some of the hand control stuff, but other than that? Not a thing.

I'm not going to come out and say Sony is going to "destroy" them or any of that, but they are in easy position to take E3 without a fight, they just need to deliver. But man was I bummed with Microsoft

-Alpha2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

Parapraxis, can I do that? I got mine at Wal-Mart though...

If people like hot-sauce are too close-minded to realize re-launching consoles with new designs has been around before Sony even entered the market then you pretty much shown how little you know and how wilfully ignorant you are. What I find hilarious is that people rag on the 360's hardware all the time, and you would think they'd be happy to see a new model with better features, but no, they just go on to complain about them copying from Sony. I'm sure people like hot-sauce conveniently forget about why Trophies exist.


I am interested in Reach, but what they showed was too little. Gears looks good, but really, they sacrificed all that to focus on Kinect. Didn't Greenberg say they weren't going to sacrifice the hardcore crowd?

I still think Kinect can get support for games that I am interested in but MS blew their chance to show that to us. Now I know why they broadcast at Times Squares-- they are more interested in making Kinect the next big casual device rather than use E3 to cater to the more apparent gamers

Dude4202621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

As someone who loves Xbox 360 games, this was a terrible conference, I honestly thought MS was going to keep things interesting the entire time, but nope. I honestly thought the Kinect show was going to be at a seperate time and it was going to be about games and other huge announcement like the new design. I wouldn't be surprised if the entire place was bored.

Negatives from the MS conference...

- They have spent WWWAAAAYYYY too much time on Kinect and it just became uninteresting.
- The actors/actresses they hired were terrible.
- That animal game they have for Kinect made me cringe.
- So little time on games and other announcements.

Positives from MS conference...

- The trailers they showed absolutely blew my mind, Gears 3 looks incredible, Reach looks even better (my jaw dropped at reach). MGS: Rising surprisingly looks impressive.
- New IP with Crytek. Crytek is known to push graphics so I expect their new game to look incredible.
- The redesign, It's about damn freakin time they include a Wi-fi, it's much smaller, has a 250GB HDD and is at $299. If my Xbox fails again, I'll be sure to get this puppy. I'm sure this thing will sell like hotcakes now.

Other thoughts...

Fable 3 looked good but I'm still not convinced, I need to see more gameplay to see if they made a jump in the graphics department. I will say though the new stuff looks fun.

My score of this conference is 5/10, it only gets points because of the games they showed and the redesign announcement.

Anyway, I expect the Sony conference will mop the floor with MS no doubt. I've defended the Xbox a lot, but there's no way to defend this horrible show.

Edit: Btw Alpha this is aimed at your first post

UltraNova2621d ago

They can do what ever they want. I for one say finally MS you gave what you had to give us gamers from the start just like Sony did.

Hope they fixed the heating problems so this screwing of buying xbox's stop.

The rest of the conference was shit. Only Crytek's game has me remotely interested on the 360 as of today...

JackBNimble2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

I find it funny that people are saying MS are copying Sony with a slim, it's call evolution people. It's been 5 years since the 360 launch, they better have slimmed it down.
The only real difference here between the current 360 and the new slim is wifi, it is still going to play the same games.

I'm not saying that Sony made a better slim, but what Sony did do was cut the price with the slim and I don't see a price cut with the new 360.

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UltraNova2621d ago

They are waiting for Sony to do it first and then announce it them selfs. If not, great! More money per console...

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pimpmaster2621d ago

well actually didnt atari start it all with the 5200

Da One2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )


Disagrees wtf for, you know, i know, we all know give it the **** up.

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Al Bundy2621d ago


Kinect Sports=Wii Sports
Kinect Yoga(whatever it's called)=Wii Sports
Kinect Dance(whatever it's called)=Just Dance
Kinect obstical course=Wii Resort

skrug2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

*double posted*

skrug2621d ago

Kinectimals= EyePet
Kinect Sports= Eyetoy: Play Sports
Kinect Yoga(whatever it's called)= EyeToy: Kinetic
Dance Central = EyeToy: Groove
Kinect obstical course= Eyetoy: Kinetic Combat

or something like that

2621d ago
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HQLocated1112621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

best news of the microsoft press conference LMAO

Wow that was pathetic. Sony doesn't even need to do their E3 conference, they've already won!

GiggMan2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

If Kevin Butler comes out on an elephant, shows a "Montage" (I love that commercial), and gives away free PS3's I would agree with you.

That would also be hilarious!!

The Great Melon2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

That image would be complete if he is going pew pew while on the elephant.

chaosatom2621d ago

Sony just overtook MS by a lot this year.

secksi-killer2621d ago

the jackpot? a bazillion dollars/pounds/euros/yen? a nite with seven playboy bunnies? the world cup?


coz as far as i knew, e3 wasn't a competition giving prizes to the platform holders and 3rd parties. jesus !!

HQLocated1112621d ago