E3: Forza gets Kinect support

Forza Motorsport will support Microsoft's Kinect, it's just announced.

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Godmars2902959d ago

is it a new game or a system update?

Imperator2959d ago

I think it's just an update, but it was not a good demo. I mean, you could do all that with much more precision and ease using a controller. Kinetic = fail.

WhittO2959d ago

That demo wasn't live, you could really tell, someone should create another load of Gifs lol.

Also, driving using your hands as though they are holding a pretend steering wheel CANT be accurate enough to play seriously, if you play it like that you might aswell be holding a controller (instead of pretending to hold 1)

Fat Bastard2959d ago

I thought the part where they showed off how you can look at the car using kinect was especially lame. getting stats about tail lights doesn't interest me for some reason...

PirateThom2959d ago

Funny enough, the specs DO interest me... but moving about with a camera pretending to look at a car is pretty stupid.

Also, acceleration, how does it work?

Fat Bastard2959d ago

Shoot I haven't even thought about acceleration. I have no idea

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Jamie Foxx2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

you control a car and you get points for successfully passing other cars, it wasnt racing, then theres a section where you can inspect cars,very very mundane looking title

microsoft had two shows and honestly both were absolutely garbage,i cannot describe how rubbish microsofts presentation was WHERE WERE THE FREAKING GAMES?biggest cheer of the show was when he announced the audience would receive a free 360 at the end.

even nintendo can do better than this

fooltheman2959d ago

indeed, it was like a mini game... with speed you can't change ..just steer

Kahvipannu2959d ago

I'm also a bit dissapointed by the lack of new games.. Tought new title from Crytek made me really hyped. And for **** sake, where's RARE? Or do they have something to show outside of MS conference?

Jamie Foxx2959d ago

i forgot YOU ONLY STEER THE CAR, its a constant speed its not racing,seriously i cannot fathom how greenburg hyped up this e3 presentation earlier today

yatesybum2959d ago

It said on the trailer it was coming out 2011 if memory serves correct, so I would imagine its Forza 4, or whatever they're calling the next game

ChozenWoan2959d ago

If Forza3 was the definitive racer of this gen...
... then what will Forza4 be when it comes out fall of 2011.

Will-UK2959d ago

this was the only non casual game which supports kinect and the forza showing was not great at all this is MS worse E3 reflecting on it only postive was smaller 360

Imperator2959d ago

And even the redesign wasn't that good. At 300 bucks it will not help much.

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seany12959d ago

kinect camera is nearly same size of new xbox lmfao

Arnon2959d ago

Well, the good news is that we now know games can get updates to use Kinect.

Jamie Foxx2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

has NOTHING to do with forza thats currently out, its a simulator where you cannot change speed,just steer the car past other cars,to kindly put it..mundane

edit-to the childish disagrees truth hurts? what i have stated is fact i watched the whole freaking boring show hoping it would get better because greenburg said there will be some big announcements...yeh right

Mista T2959d ago

lack of good games will kill kinict. this and star wars and thats it?

RememberThe3572959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

I know a ton of chicks that would love this thing. If MS can get them on board this this will sell like hot cakes and they'll kick their fans to the curb like Nintendo.

@Fooltheman: Exactly. That's what chicks do.

fooltheman2959d ago

yeah girls.... falling for the flash?

Dramscus2959d ago

that star wars game kinda saddened me a little. The moving for the force powers was kinda cool but the on rails and saber using stuff was a total fail in my books.

Seferoth752959d ago

Did you even watch the conference dude? You guys are getting sad and pathetic on here today.

Over 15 games so far for Kinects launch.

Kahvipannu2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Well, kids will love these games, specially the uber cute pet game. But for us more serious gamers, looks like it will only bring new way to use ours consoles, but I hope that will change..

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