Sonic Kinect Confirmed for Launch

GameXplain Says: "Microsoft today announced 15 titles that will launch alongside the Kinect hardware this November. As you can see in the image below, this includes shown titles such as Kinict Joy Ride and Kinect Adventures, as well as unshown titles, such as a previously unannounced Sonic title and Biggest Loser."

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blumatt2838d ago

I guess the 360 didn't get Versus 13 like everyone thought they would. I hope it's shown at Sony's conference. Kinect looked very laggy at MS's conference.

evrfighter2838d ago

Didn't I read an article not too long ago about M$ having two conferences? one for kinect and the other for their games?

R2D22838d ago

For some reason when I read your comment I keep hearing peter's voice and laugh.

jmare2838d ago

They already had the Natal conference last night. It didn't go very well.

wazzim2838d ago

All I can say is:

Arnon2838d ago

Interesting. Well, from what I saw, the conference was pretty boring, but Kinect looked a lot more appealing than last night.

D4RkNIKON2838d ago

It seems to look less and less appealing the more we know about it

jmare2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

What are people supposed to do to control this game, run in place really, really fast? Yeah, that'll fly like a fuckin lead balloon.

D4RkNIKON2838d ago

lol good one. No it will be more like Antigrav for PS2

blumatt2838d ago

That game looked retarded to say the least. I'd rather run outside or at the very least on a treadmill. There's no resistance with running in place and it looks rediculous.

jack_burt0n2838d ago

"you do realise millions of people are watching this"

TheDeadMetalhead2838d ago

It just keeps getting worse.

Infernostew2838d ago

It'll be Sonic R with leg and arm flailing.

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