Gran Turismo: The road to realism

As we found out last week, Sony is prepping a taster edition of Gran Turismo 5 - Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. But, wait. How long has it been since we had a proper GT? What is it exactly that developer Polyphony Digital gets up to?

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Skynetone4158d ago

why even bother making this how many sequels can a company make

i love gt aswell but its the exact same game as the last four with better graphics

a blind monkey would have put some extra features into the game by know

DiLeCtioN4159d ago

after i downloaded the gt5 vid 1 on psn i thought that was the best part in the trailer

xg-ei8ht4159d ago

man i still remmember the original - could not believe my eyes,lol.

Kleptic4159d ago

I thought GT5: prologue was confirmed for a late 2007 least for Japan...

that site says "2008?"...late '08 is when we are rumored to get the full GT5....which I can't wait for...

I wonder if GT5: prologue is using the full new GT5 engine...or if it is an even more modified version of the GT4 engine...GT:HD was basically a high res GT4 according to polyphony...and still looked amazing...I haven't seen anything confirmed on what GT5: prologue is going to use...

JIN KAZAMA4159d ago

"Is that the FU(KIN CONVOY??!!!!"

Maddens Raiders4159d ago

Is that the FKN convoy!!!??? As he points to flames, ash and rubble. Priceless.

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The story is too old to be commented.