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DelbertGrady2901d ago

It looks like Call of Duty.

peeps2901d ago

said that when i watched it. just looks like mw2, waw and cod4 lol so the last 3-4 years of COD haha

i'm sure it will be fine but i wanna c what the mp is like. I am getting bored with the series now though


It looks like MW2 but little improvements.

Crazyglues2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

Sadly that is clearly the MW2 engine... with some very lame tweaks...

I didn't see anything to get excited about with this even has the same graphics, I don't really see an improvement from MW2..

I had some high hopes for this one. -I just hope they have Zombie Mode (or all hope is lost for me on this one)..

-Because that's the only reason I have for buying this game. -I'm sorry I guess I was just really disappointed...

1. because I thought the black-ops was going to be something cool like going in below the radar all black with camouflage on the face type of thing where your hidden - and you pop up to take out hard to get targets, working secret ops missions...

But instead, you look more like Rambo and you kinda of play the same as MW2. Run and gun from scene to scene... with very little done to switch up game play.... Lame (I already did that in MW) What's really new here???

and since I'm playing on PS3 these days, now I have to wait for DLC for no reason... another reason to maybe just skip this one.


PS360PCROCKS2901d ago

I thought it looked pretty cool. Looks like COD

Crazyglues2901d ago

too me they didn't do enough to make it a different experience - they just add vehicles like they always do...

it's basically a theme pack for COD MW ...IMO

PS360PCROCKS2901d ago

Ya true. I dunno it looked fun. I probably won't even buy it, I haven't bought one since MW1.

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The story is too old to be commented.