Kinect Shown Off With Six Launch Titles, Looks Damn Good

So any hype that MS might have killed for the Kinectimals last night, they seem to have rebulit. They showed off Kinectimals, which seems to be a super interactive version of Nintendogs. Then there was Kinect Sports, which, you guessed it, is Kinect's Wii Sports.

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Imperator2776d ago

LMAO, "good" is the last thing I'd say about these "games"

deadreckoning6662776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

The only quality game I've seen so far is the Dance Central game, but thats still not enough for me to invest in a 360/Kinect bundle.

-Alpha2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

No way I want that game. Why do I care to dance? It's not a game like DDR, it's a tool to help you dance better. Why do I want that?

All the titles where underwhelming and it's bloody clear they will lose appeal within minutes. I expected so much more.

chrisnick2776d ago

the lag in the yourshape thing was painfully apparent.

Christopher2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

***All the titles where underwhelming and it's bloody clear they will lose appeal within minutes.***

Gotta disagree with you (in words, not button pressing) on the Dance and Ubisoft Fitness game, Alpha. The target audience, women, will tear those up. Hardcore gamers gotta live up to the fact that Kinetic just isn't really for them.

Qui-Gon Jim2776d ago

Most of the stuff shown looked pretty fun to me, but only for getting the family together for a game night.

What was up with not showing Fable III's Kinect functions, though? Have they been quietly cancelled, or maybe just not up and running yet? Forza looked better graphically than i was expecting from Kinect games, but that was the only core game they showed, and we don't know anything else about it.

-Alpha2776d ago


Yeah that looks really deep, but I'm not interested in it. I really don't see it as a game. I mean, they want to emulate actual dancing, but dancing is an art. They ripped on DDR because it made you jump on mats. Well that was the point, it was a game, and it was a great one too.

The dance game looks great, but it's really not appealing to me and I'm so disappointed with what happened.

Christopher2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

@Alpha: Seeing eye-to-eye with you on personal interest in the dance game. Luckily it's not hard for me to keep this sort of stuff away from my wife's view. Less things my wife is interested in, more time I have to play the games I want. I feel sorry for those men who have wives/children who are active in Wii gaming and may now take over their primary console.


Dance Central looks like quality but that's because your on screen character is not totally following you. You could see how the guys was dancing making incomplete moves and, sometimes even before him, his on-screen avatar would make full moves...

Yeah, that's right, you are just following a puppet on the screen trying to mimic every gesture and even if you fail the game will reward you, just like the guy at the conference, he barely moved the limbs like on the screen, still he keep getting better score! LOL

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sixaxis2776d ago

looks damn boring. maybe they should had to show more yoga

R2D22776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

are you stocking Kinect articles? WTF your the first to post in almost evey one.

RememberThe3572776d ago

Now, how about you actually comment on the articles instead of calling people out.

Will-UK2776d ago

Those games shown were terrible the ubisoft game had a nice overlay and graphics but thats it i wanted to see hardcore games that was not good.

This was the worst section of the conference

Mista T2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

looks damn repetitive, oh yeah lets play with a lion! I wonder if this guy thinks that looks damn good too, freakin wacko.

though the pedobears were going wild thats for sure

nygamer282776d ago

stop trolling imperator

RememberThe3572776d ago

He has a point. What did they show to make us excited? The press conference was a disappointment and we're going comment on it.

LaChance2776d ago

It did look good, after yesterday fiasco they did a really good job.

I hate the Wii and stuff, I'm not into this whole motion controller thing but I may be Kinect if its under 100$. That dance game (cant remember the name) was really cool.

bjornbear2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

so are you complimenting them for not screwing up horribly twice?


Imperator2776d ago


Yea, but MS assured it's core audience that they wouldn't abandon them. Now,they show us that their focus is on casual gamers. Not a single game for core gamers was announced. They only showed what we already knew about.

bjornbear2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

being done w Crytek, might end up being a cool game.

other than that though...nothing new =/

but dude, i agree MS conference bombed but damn you are WAY too excited about that =/

@ radient: click on the users name, to the left should be options, one is IGNORE =)

Qui-Gon Jim2776d ago

We don't know anything else about it, though, and if GT5 does the same things with Move that Forza does with Kinect... well, there's a lot to compete with there.

RadientFlux2776d ago

my god I miss the ignore feature

callahan092776d ago

Still there. Click on the user's name and then on the right side of their profile page there are buttons like "Track" and "Ignore".

Inside_out2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Wow...Gears, just like I said, destroyed anything Sony could hope to show...WOW...The best graphics this gen by far all in game...LMFAO...When he pulled that guys arm off...then beat him with it...that new lancer weapon has INSANE melee...don't even bother...I don't care...wish it was coming out this year...

The presentation was great...Kinect slowed things but they wanted to show the variety in the games...EVERY kid is gonna want to play with that kinectanimals...ESPN...Adventu re games my favorite Kinect app...The dancing game looked as good as people have said...Crytek Exclusive medieval game...Halo Reach looked INSANE...that level went forever and ended up in space...DAMN...4 player co-op for that beast$ covered all the bases...The new 360 looked great...wish is was $250...Kinect not for Sony and Wii no doubt...But Gears is untouchable...4 player co-op to thing looked ok...don't like all the button mashing combo type stuff...No crackdown???...Fable and Peter Molyneux were very short...where's milo???...Fable 3 looked like Fable 2...

BTW...the graphics on Kinect looked good as the promo's everyone is seeing...Sony and Nintendo up next...good luck...

Denethor_II2776d ago

"Wow...Gears, just like I said, destroyed anything Sony could hope to show...WOW"

Do you ever stop and wonder, why have I only got one bubble?

Wait until Sony have their conference first.

mopground2776d ago

if your a gamer and said that "kinect looks damn good" or "im impressed with kinect" then your living a lie. that conference was laughable and will be easily beaten by everyone else

phantomexe2776d ago

lol he said they looked good. Those games would look real good if i were blind

Blacktric2776d ago


It's GamingBolt what did you expect?

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Mcardle2776d ago

agree it's got way more potential than is being shown, and now its just car porn they're showing....

halocursed2776d ago

After watching the E3 event I see a lot of potential in Kinect

Arnon2776d ago

How many times have you posted that now?

Anyways, the showing for Kinect was much much MUCH better this time. I still don't know if I'll get it for the games shown, but it has peaked my interest a little.

Somnipotent2776d ago

what's with all these "looks damn good", "looks awesome" titles?

Graey2776d ago

I was wondering that myself. I fell asleep on the Kinect part...woke up to the dance game.

The only things worth a nod were:

Halo Reach
Metal Gear
Gears of War
Oh and much respect to the 360 Slim

I won't get a slim or rather the new 360 but those 3 games are definitely on my list.

Seriously though, the rest was unnecessary and them hyping it up in the press conference was annoying. Why did the audience "clap for crap".

Duraji2776d ago

Simple. The audience clapped because they were all bribed with a shiny new 360 Slim to get the bad taste of the Kinect launch failure out of their mouths.

Kinect has great potential, but they really dropped the ball here. And what happened to the demos they showed last year? Those were better than the actual products shown today.